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Looking for fantastic experiences for your Arctic Adventure? Visit Lapland is your gateway to booking things to do in Lapland all year round.

If you are planning a trip to northern Norway, Sweden or Finland, or are already travelling in Lapland, Visit Lapland allows you to book Lapland activities directly with suppliers on the ground.

As you book directly with suppliers you are offered the best price set by the activity providers. Not sure where to go? Take look through our destinations and start your Arctic adventure today.

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Visit Lapland are proud to be working with Visit Tromsø, the tourism authority behind one of the most travelled regions in the Arctic, with an exclusive partnership to offer a wide range of things to do in Lapland and other products to independent guests.

Lapland Travel Guide

Getting to Lapland

If you are planning a Northern Lights holiday, or dog sledding adventure in Lapland, you first need to know how to get there. Lapland can be accessed by air from all corners of the world with most international flights going via Stockholm, Oslo or Helsinki.

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Getting around Lapland

Many of these travelling around the country choose to visit a variety of destinations. Whether that be a Northern Lights tour in Abisko combined with snowmobiling in Kiruna, it is important to know how to get from A-to-B by bus, train, car or plane.

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What to pack for a winter Lapland adventure

For many planning at trip with Arctic activities in Lapland can be daunting, however Visit Lapland has a team of experts on hand to help you pack for every possible adventure, from Northern Lights chases to whale watching in Tromso. Take a look at our packing tips here.

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Destinations for Lapland Activities

Lapland offers the chance to experience everything from the Northern Lights activities to Arctic white-water rafting, with Lapland activities spread across Europe’s last true wilderness. If you are looking for an exciting travel experience, but not sure where to travel to, take a look here for some inspiration to help you choose things to do in Lapland.


Lapland Travel Tips

Looking to experience the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights can be experienced in the Arctic between September and April. Any sighting will be dependant on the weather and the current Aurora activity but be sure to book early to get the activity of your choice as this is one of the most popular things to do in Lapland.

Explore the region in the summer under the Midnight Sun

During the summer months the sun never sets when above the Arctic Circle meaning lots of time for great Lapland activities at any time of the day! The longest days are in June but anytime between May and August will give you those extra long days to enjoy.

Planning your trip to the Arctic? Be sure to have a plan.

The Scandinavian Arctic covers a very big area, meaning distances between destinations can be large. Be sure to plan your trip well, taking into account travel time and how you are planning to move between places.

How to get to Lapland

Most larger towns and cities in Lapland have airports and flying is the easiest way to get here. Connecting international flights can be found daily into Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, giving easy access to all the things to do in Lapland.

Booking early in advance is recommended

Booking your Lapland activities in advance is the best way to ensure you get the experience you want. With limited availability on many activities we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

The weather and what to expect from the weather

The weather in the Arctic can change very fast, with all four seasons possible in one day! During the winter temperatures can drop below -25 whilst in the summer long warm summer days can be enjoyed, so remember to pack for the right conditions.