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Your adventure, your choice

Visit Lapland are proud to offer well over 250 individual Lapland activities across the region, making it one of the widest range of Arctic activities available on the internet. So, whether you are looking to join a Northern Lights hunt in Sweden, a dog sledding trek in Norway, or book on a Santa experience in Finland – we have you covered!

Chase the Northern Lights

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the Northern Light? Trust us when we say, it is worth it!

The Northern Lights are a magical natural wonder to experience. Lights dancing in the night sky lighting up snow covered arctic wilderness – is something that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list and Lapland is the best possible place to see them. It’s recommended to book on a Northern Lights activity in Lapland to increase your chances even further!

Northern Lights

How to see the lights

Lapland offers some of the best places on earth to experience the Northern Lights. The best time to see the Northern Lights is between September and April when the skies are dark enough to allow the light of the Aurora to shine through. Although they are never guaranteed, an experienced guide on a Northern Lights experience can increase your chances. You can also do a range of Arctic activities whilst looking for the Northern Lights from dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, photography – or simply joining a Aurora Chase where your guide will drive you to the best spot depending on the conditions and forecasts.

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Drive a dog sled

Whether driving or as a passenger, no winter trip to Lapland would be complete without a dog-sledding adventure.

The feeling of travelling by sled gives you a real connection with nature and the Arctic wilderness allowing you to get to places that are not possible by any other means. As dog sledding is popular for visitors across Lapland, it is recommended to book well ahead.

Dog Sled

Sit back, or drive yourself?

There are two different experiences when it comes to dog sledding, both of which are great fun. The more intense, and better for those in good health, allows you to drive your own team of dogs. This usually is done as a pair where you and your passenger swap allowing for a rest and a chance to experience both sides of the journey. Other dogsled activities in Lapland have an experienced guide in control where you sit back and watch the Arctic wilderness unfold in front of you. the choice is yours.

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Explore on a snowmobile

Get out into the wilderness and explore. A snowmobile safari in Lapland will take you to places you never thought possible.

On a snowmobile adventure you not only get the thrill the drive, but the ability to get deep into the wilderness. You feel free. Free to explore, free to enjoy and free to experience the magic that is Lapland.


A snowmobiling experience – adrenaline or relaxing?

This really depends on your definition of adrenaline and adventure. For most, a snowmobile safari in Lapland can be both exciting as you ride through the snow covered Arctic wilderness, yet when you stop deep in the Arctic tundra overlooking pristine wilderness that hasn’t changed for thousands, if not million of years, you will relax and see a new side to Lapland.

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Lapland Travel Guide

Getting to Lapland

If you are planning a Northern Lights holiday, or dog sledding adventure in Lapland, you first need to know how to get there. Lapland can be accessed by air from all corners of the world with most international flights going via Stockholm, Oslo or Helsinki.

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Getting around Lapland

Many of these travelling around the country choose to visit a variety of destinations. Whether that be a Northern Lights tour in Abisko combined with snowmobiling in Kiruna, it is important to know how to get from A-to-B by bus, train, car or plane.

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What to pack for a winter Lapland adventure

For many planning at trip with Arctic activities in Lapland can be daunting, however Visit Lapland has a team of experts on hand to help you pack for every possible adventure, from Northern Lights chases to whale watching in Tromso. Take a look at our packing tips here.

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Where to stay in Lapland

Whether planning a northern Lights holiday to Norway or dog sledding adventure in Sweden, you will need to choose where to stay. Whether a hotel, log cabin – or even something special like a visit to the original ICEHOTEL – check our our guide to Lapland accommodation.

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About Lapland

If you have always wanted to find out more about Lapland and the Arctic Circle – you are in the right place! Click below to find out where Lapland is, about its climate, find out those burning questions about the region and its indigenous people the Sami.

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Family Travel to Lapland

Lapland is not only a holiday destination for adults, but can be the perfect get-away for families with inspiring activities and experiences for younger travellers (and not just the chance to meet Santa in Lapland!) Take a look at our tips for a family holiday to Lapland in either winter or summer here.

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Keep control, book yourself

Create your own adventure. Plan your Lapland adventure here with the confidence to book Arctic activities, delivered by quality suppliers across the Arctic region.

Visit Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland is the most visited destination in Lapland and as close as reality gets to a winter wonderland.

Known as the “home of Santa”, Rovaniemi is the perfect spot for those looking for a well developed, proven, destination catering for groups, families with the bustle of towns mixed with the tranquillity and quiet of the Arctic wilderness.


Drop in and see Santa…

Whether young or old, the chance to meet Santa in Lapland is a magical experience. Take the time to look through our activities in Rovaniemi which allow you to do just that. Needless to say that Santa can get busy, so it is recommended to plan and book early. Or alternatively, some Santa activities in Rovaniemi are available year round – so why not visit in summer?

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Visit Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland offers pristine wilderness, authentic experiences and quirky places to stay – a destination for true Arctic adventure.

Known for good food, welcoming people, classic Arctic activities like Northern Lights tours, dog sledding and snowmobiling, Swedish Lapland includes vast regions of pristine Arctic wilderness to explore and enjoy.


Hunt for the Aurora Borealis…

The northern Lights are magical. The first time you see the lights dance in the sky is an experience that will stay with you forever and there is no better place for Northern Lights activities in Lapland than in Sweden. To give yourself the best chance to experience Aurora, and to learn more about what you are seeing, your best bet is to check out Northern Lights Activities in Abisko or Kiruna. 

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Visit Norwegian Lapland

Northern Norway is a popular region to visit with a mix of wilderness, mountains, vibrant cities and the coast offering islands and fjords – full of Arctic activities.

With a number of destinations  to aim for, the city of Tromso is know as the ‘gateway to the Arctic’ and offers a perfect base from which to book both land and water based arctic experiences; Lyngenfjord to the east brings access to more water and mountains with family-friendly outdoor activities; and Narvik further south bringing more cultural, and classic Arctic activities.


Lapland from the water…

With it rugged coast, fjords and islands – Norwegian Lapland offers visitors the chance to experience the Arctic from both land and water. With the waters around the coast popular with whales, including the iconic Orca, whale watching trips in Tromso are  popular taking visitors guests out to spot marine wildlife in the area. 

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Lapland Travel Tips

Looking to experience the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights can be experienced in the Arctic between September and April. Any sighting will be dependant on the weather and the current Aurora activity but be sure to book early to get the activity of your choice as this is one of the most popular things to do in Lapland.

Explore the region in the summer under the Midnight Sun

During the summer months the sun never sets when above the Arctic Circle meaning lots of time for great Lapland activities at any time of the day! The longest days are in June but anytime between May and August will give you those extra long days to enjoy.

Planning your trip to the Arctic? Be sure to have a plan.

The Scandinavian Arctic covers a very big area, meaning distances between destinations can be large. Be sure to plan your trip well, taking into account travel time and how you are planning to move between places.

How to get to Lapland

Most larger towns and cities in Lapland have airports and flying is the easiest way to get here. Connecting international flights can be found daily into Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, giving easy access to all the things to do in Lapland.

Booking early in advance is recommended

Booking your Lapland activities in advance is the best way to ensure you get the experience you want. With limited availability on many activities we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

The weather and what to expect from the weather

The weather in the Arctic can change very fast, with all four seasons possible in one day! During the winter temperatures can drop below -25 whilst in the summer long warm summer days can be enjoyed, so remember to pack for the right conditions.