Where to visit an Ice or Snow Hotel in Lapland

One of the highlight experiences for many who travel to Lapland is to visit one of the Ice or Snow hotels of the region. Choose from one of the many destinations below to find a Icehotel activity in Lapland for you:


Please select from the available options to narrow down your search.

Explore the ICEHOTEL (Nov-March)

6 hours approx

from SEK 1395.00

Take a trip into a world of ice, snow and art with a visit to the world famous ICEHOTEL, with its amazing Art Suites, Ice Church and famous...

Visit Icehotel by boat along the national river – Torne river (JUNE-SEPTEMBER)

4 hours approx

from SEK 1850.00

Join us on a boat tour along the beautiful Torne river famous for its’ clear water and superb fishing.

Snowmobile safari to the World famous ICEHOTEL (DEC-MARCH)

4 hours approx

from SEK 2700.00

ICEHOTEL is a world class destination! Combine your visit of the ICEHOTEL with an amazing snowmobile tour along the Torneriver.



About Arctic Ice and Snow hotel activities

The concept of the Ice and Snow hotel originated in Jukkasjärvi when some adventurous visitors asked to sleep in an art gallery entirely mace from snow and ice.

Since then, hotels built entirely out of ice and snow are built in Norway, Sweden and Finland from scratch each year, with visitors able to visit for a day, dine, and even stay overnight in the rooms which maintain a constant -5 degrees.

It is not only the scale of each venue, but the level of detail that goes into each that makes this an experience not to miss.