Where to do a Sami activity in Lapland

The indigenous people of the region, the Sami, still maintain many of the traditions and values, myths and lifestyles that have been upheld for thousands of years. For many, an insight into this fascinating indigenous culture is a big highlight of their visit. Choose from one of the many destinations below to find a Sami activity in Lapland for you:


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The Sami & Reindeer Experience (Dec-March)

6 hours approx

from SEK 2295.00

Take a day trip to the Sámi village of Rávttas, 45 minutes east of Abisko and experience a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the reindeer...

Sami Life (Dec-March)

6 hours approx

from SEK 1795.00

Join Ida-Maria in her warm Lávvu to experience the life and culture of the indigenous people of the north, the Sámi. Listen to her stories of...

ÁRBI SUOHPAN – Sami experience with short sledding tour

4 hours approx

from SEK 1995.00

Visit a Sami village, feed the reindeer, throw the lasso and make a short ride with the reindeer sled. A great opportunity to learn more about the...

GUOVSSAHASAT – Northern lights & reindeer

4 hours approx

from SEK 1995.00

A magic night with silence and reindeer, chasing the Northern lights – a well-known phenomenon in Sami mythology.

ÁRBI VUOJAN – Sami Experience with Reindeer Sledding

4 hours approx

from SEK 2595.00

Visit a Sami village and enjoy a one-hour-drive with the reindeer sled in the wintry countryside. An unforgettable experience!

The five senses of Sámi life – Winter/Spring

2 hours approx

from SEK 1295.00

Welcome to join me in my warm Lávvu in Jukkasjärvi where I will share the story of my Sámi families life and how we always have and still are...



About Arctic Sami activities

The Sámi are the only indigenous people of the European Union, residing in the Northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden as well as in parts of North-Eastern Russia.

Sámi people believe in a connection with the land and the seasons; the nature and the animals; the midnight sun and the Northern Lights; the heat from the fire on a sparkling winter’s day and the coolness of a mountain stream after a long day’s hike.

The culture is defined by their relationship with reindeer which traditionally provides food and clothing to survive the cold winters and mild summer of the region.
Today you can still experience Sámi culture through Duodji (handicraft), fishing, food and produce and by experiencing Sámi activities in Lapland.