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The world's most illuminating experience

Turn off your lights and let the chairlift transport you one step closer to space. Surrounded by mountain tops you feel a wave of excitement and mystique. Eagerly you await the moment when your dream comes true. Suddenly colourful Northern Lights dance through the sky right above you and you are caught in a meeting between Earth and Space.

At STF Aurora Sky Station we serve a four-course dinner giving you a unique experience of local produce from Lapland, and Nordic cuisine. To compliment your dinner you can buy one of our carefully selected wines and other beverages that are available. With a log fire crackling in the fireplace and a panoramic view of Abisko down in the valley, we offer an unbeatable atmosphere.

Four-course Dinner at STF Aurora Sky Station
Return ticket for the chairlift
Warm Clothes
STF Aurora Sky Station Night Visit

Useful information:
When booking any of our Northern Lights adventures at STF Aurora Sky Station, we cannot guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights.

Due to adverse weather conditions; strong winds, very low temperature, blizzards, etc STF Aurora Sky Station may be closed at short notice for safety reasons. Statistics from previous seasons show that STF Aurora Sky Station is open 90% of the time scheduled and that the Northern Lights have been visible on 70% of the nights when STF Aurora Sky Station was open.

Aurora Lounge – alternative program
Nothing can replace viewing the Northern Lights from STF Aurora Sky Station, but when weather conditions make it impossible, we offer our guests an alternative program.

NB: No part of the amount paid for a visit to STF Aurora Sky Station will be refunded if a decision is taken to replace your intended visit by the Aurora Lounge Program.

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days (168 hours) before arrival. After this time, no reimbursements of amounts paid will be made.

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