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Join us in Lyngen, for one of the best ways to start off your Northern Lights holiday - an evening filled with all the Information you will need for observing and photographing the Aurora.

Situated east of the Lyngen Alps, in the middle of the Aurora belt, we can offer you some of the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway.

At Lyngen Adventure H.Q, we will teach you how to set up your camera and show you how to take amazing photos of the aurora. After ensuring that everyone is suitably dressed for the evening, we will set out for our “basecamp”, in one of several strategic Lavvu’s situated on the Lyngen peninsula in co-operation with Lyngen Experience Lodge. Once we are settled around the fire, we will explain how and when the Aurora Borealis occurs, how to maximize your chances of spotting it, and give you an insight into the mythical history behind it. Of course, should the Aurora appear, we will move outside and enjoy the display in stunning surroundings so you can capture those memories forever!

If weather conditions are not favourable in the local area, we will endeavour to find some clearer skies (as far as is realistically possible).

Extras included

-Hot beverage and snack

-Photography course

-warm clothing (Suit & shoes)

-Tripod use

-Access to our closed FB group “Aurora Alerts”

Practical information The northern lights are never guaranteed, but that’s what we love about nature, its unpredictable! If we find that the chances for northern lights are so low on your evening that there is no point of going out, we will notify you and offer you a full reimbursement or move you to another available date if possible. However we find that this evening offers so much more than just observing the northern lights, that we think you will take valuable knowledge with you no matter the result. 

18:00 Meet and greet at Lyngen Adventure’s office in Strandveien. Photography introduction and gearing up. 

22:00-00:00 Arrival back in Lyngseidet. (The duration of the activity is entirely dependent on the guides decision, he or she will do their best to increase your chances of Aurora to the maximum but we must rely on their experience and knowledge to decide whether it’s worth staying out.)

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