Luleå, Sweden

Nordic Winter Skills – 3 hours including lunch


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Brändö Konferens & Fritidsby AB

Winter life in Swedish Lapland is made comfortable by learning how to dress, behave and enjoy nature in the cold Subarctic climate. We change into warm outdoor clothing and go outside to strap on your snowshoes. Our guides will take you on a 3-hour journey into the forests near the lodge and lead you through an adventurous and educational excursion. You will learn how use the snowshoes, make a fire in the snow and how to make tea and coffee over your open fire. During the excursion your guide will convery stories about their arctic life and you will learn about the forest, sea and wildlife of Sweden’s northernmost region. At lunchtime you will take a break in a traditional Sami teepee, where together we will make a typical outdoor wilderness lunch. Here, on the reindeer pelts you will enjoy your meal around the fire and then relax. In Swedish Lapland it is important to relax, discuss, enjoy and appreciate our special environment.

Snowshoes, boots, warm suit, hat, socks, warm gloves and fleece suit are provided. Lunch and warm beverages are included in the 3 hour tour.

Warm underclothing

Clients participate at their own risk and we strongly recommend that they have their own travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 1 a month or less before event

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