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Husky Home

Tour Personalised for your family

Family fun – Private family tours

visit and husky experience for families- the best winter activity for children!

When you as a family comes to visit us,
we adapt the tour to suit your child’s age. Children get plenty of time to
cuddle and to help with the dogs and you need not feel that you are in the way
of other guests. If the children are under twelve, we see that they sit with
their parents in the sled and the guide will drive you. It’s a great feeling to
relax with the kids in the sled and enjoy the silence with them. After the
tour, the dogs are given a massage, taken out of the harnesses, and retired to
the kennels. Both adults and children will help. When we are done, we take a coffee
break in our home  and bring some dogs in
for the children to cuddle with.


We live outside the major tourist area’s
with our 50 dogs, 5 cats and 3 children. We can almost promise that
we will be alone out in nature tour to enjoy the scenery, amongst this
vast landscape. Welcome to a life adventure where kids and dogs get the
chance to meet.

We conclude the tour with hot chocolate, coffee and some pasteries, served in our home.
Transport both directions is included. We pick up and drop off at Camp Ripan. The journey also offers fantastic opportunity to see Kebnekaise, Swedens Highest Mountain. And we can also almost guarantee you will see Moose along the drive, as the area is thriving with them during this season.

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