Snorkeling with the orcas from Sørkjosen in Reisafjord – Lofoten Opplevelser


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Destination Lofoten

“Snorkeling with orcas has been acclaimed by Lonely Planet as one of the coolest travel activities”.

This experience gives you the opportunity to go Snorkeling with the orcas, organised and run by experts with more then 20 years of experience. The activity is based in  the village of Sørkjosen in Reisafjord which lies a 3+ hour drive, or a short flight, North East of Tromso, with local hotels and accommodation for those staying overnight.

To be in the water with  orcas is a powerful experience and an unforgettable meeting with nature. Wearing a warm dry suit, a mask and snorkel you float comfortably on the surface, and when you put your head under water you will first feel the silence, and then suddenly start hearing the whales communicating with each other, then see herring and parts of dead herring floating around. You are no longer an observer, but part of it.

We expect that we will see orcas on 90% of the safaris – but this is nature and we can’t give any guarantee. Many guests choose to book two or three safaris to give themselves the best possible chance.


About this activity


Explore life under the water and swim with Orca on this exciting arctic wildlife experience.

  • Expert guide
  • Specialist equipment: under suit, dry suit and ABC equipment
  • Boat trip
  • Expert lecture about the whales

Meet at our base camp at Reisafjord Hotel, Sørkjosen 09.00

09.00 in the morning

2 – 3 hours in duration

This is accessible to anyone comfortable in the water and happy to be out on the water in a RIB boat.

The boat will hold up to 15 people on any given experience.

Woolen underwear, warm woolen socks, hat and gloves. We suggest that you bring extra clothes in case you get wet.

This experience will run from November until the 20th of January  (except the period from 20th to 28th of December)

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