Arctic Island Hopping

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 3 hours minutes approx

Explore the Arctic Archipelago nearby the City of Kemi by skiing from an island to another.

Arctic Island Aurora Camp with Snowmobiles

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 3 hours minutes approx

When night falls you will drive with snowmobile to nearby island, where you might see real Aurora Borealis.

Snowmobile Safari to Icebreaker Sampo

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 6 hours and 30 minutes minutes approx

Icebreaker Sampo 4h Cruise

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 4 hours minutes approx

Get the complete luxury icebreaker experience with a guided tour of the ship and a 3-course buffet in the ship's restaurant.

Aurora borealis adventure

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 5 hours minutes approx

After stepping out of the bus in the middle of nowhere, we take a hike to a mire reserve experiencing the surrounding sleeping nature.

Guided tour at the SnowCastle

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 45 minutes minutes approx

Guided Tours in the SnowCastle area.

Icebreaker Sampo 3h Cruise

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 3 hours minutes approx

Get straight into the action with a 3-hour burst onto the frozen sea. Experience the ship breaking ice and take a swim in the frigid cold ocean...

Introduction to Snowmobiling

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 1 hour minutes approx

Would you like to try snowmobiling for the first time, but you are not sure if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you!


Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 1 hour minutes approx

Enjoy the amazing snow art while having a meal by the ice tables in the SnowRestaurant.

Highlight activities in Kemi

Kemi is well known as the jump off point for the Sampo Icebreaker through which you can join a 4 hour cruise bookable online through Visit Lapland. A magical experience for anyone planning an arctic adventure.

Whilst in Kemi, why not also visit the Snow castle – or even go ice carting.  There are loads of amazing activities that celebrate the Northern Lights in Kemi, Snowmobiling and dog sledding in Kemi – so take a look and start your Arctic adventure here…

Introduction to Kemi

Kemi is a town and municipality of Finland that full of exciting arctic activities from the classics – snowmobiling, dog sledding and northern lights chases – to the more unusual including the chance to join an Arctic icebreaker, Ice carting and much much more. 

Located on the Bothnian Bay near the city of Tornio and the at the mouth of river Kemijoki. Due to its proximity to the river and fresh water, the bay freezes in winter allowing for a range of activities on the frozen sea.  With a population of approximately 21,ooo and covering an area of around 750 square kilometres of which 65o square kilometres is water.

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