Rovaniemi Dog Sledding Activities

One of the must do activities in Rovaniemi is the chance to experience nature covered in blanket of snow from the comfort of a Dog Sledding activity in Rovaniemi. With the thrill of the ride as the skis slide over the ice and snow, to the relaxation of gliding over the picture-perfect wilderness around Rovaniemi – dogsledding is a tourist staple that is on every visitors to do list.

Guests have the choice of either sitting back and enjoying a Dogsledding adventure or having a go themselves and learn to drive a sled through the Arctic trails. Either way the excitement and enthusiasm of the dogs combined with open wilderness trails will transport you away to times gone by when dogsledding was the chosen way to travel.

Whether by day to experience the scenery, or at night hunting for the northern lights, dogsledding is a must-do and therefore booking ahead is highly recommended as dogsledding activities in Rovaniemi regularly sell out.

You can also combine your dog sledding adventure in Rovaniemi with a wide range of other activities to complete your arctic adventure – check out other activities in Rovaniemi here.

Rovaniemi - Dog Sledding



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