Rovaniemi Snowmobiling Activities

To cover more ground and explore the wilderness of Northern Finland, a snowmobile activity in Rovaniemi is the perfect choice.

Either driving yourself of as a passenger with a guide, snowmobiling in Rovaniemi allows you to take to the trails and get deep into the wilderness where cars simply can’t make it! Then, when you stop and turn off the hum of the snowmobile’s engine – you can experience pure peace and tranquillity.

A Rovaniemi snowmobile safari can last from 2 to 6 hours and are suitable for adults and is recommended for those with a car or motorbike driving licence.
Snowmobile safaris can also include other Rovaniemi activities and visits – so it’s worth taking a look for the best option for you, whether that it a pure Rovaniemi snowmobile adventure, or one combined with ice fishing, reindeer sledding or more.

You can also combine your Snowmobiling activity in Rovaniemi with a wide range of other trips – check out other activities based in Rovaniemi here.

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