Rovaniemi Summer Activities

In many ways, the warmer months are when the region comes alive with a wide variety of Summer Activities in Rovaniemi on offer.

Combine the warm weather, bright fresh colours of the grasses, flowers and trees, and warmth of the long Arctic summer days – and the region comes alive with a wide range of outdoor activities and experiences that bring in visitors from across the world.

Not only that, but you can also visit Santa Clause in the Summer in Rovaniemi! Santa clause is a busy mand and works year-round at his office at the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle.

Combine this with wildlife and wilderness activities in Rovaniemi where you can forage for berries. walk with huskies or visit reindeer; enjoy the waterways with a summer canoe, SUP, or river cruise; take advantage of Rovaniemi’s summer hiking trails, bike or horse riding and fishing spots; experience the summer midnight sun activities; or even join in some summer culture with a handicraft workshop – there is always something going on in Rovaniemi’s summer months.

The arctic has eight seasons to enjoy with summer offer, and Summer activities in Rovaniemi can deliver a magical experience that will leave you wanting to return. To find more Activities you can book in the summer click here.

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