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Activities in Saariselkä (Finland)

Saariselkä is a resort village in northern Finland whhich provides an ideal gateway to the trails and ski areas of mountainous Urho Kekkonen National Park. It is a popular tourist destination in both the summer and winter, providing activities such as skiing, hiking and a spa. To the north, the lakefront Sámi Cultural Center Sajos includes a craft shop and a library devoted to the indigenous Sami people.

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Must do activities in Saariselkä

Saariselkä offers a fantastic range of both summer and winter activities with a quad bike excursionhiking and paddling trip on wilderness river trip; berry picking; and even a trip to the Lappish goldfields available in the summer. Winter brings a whole new set of activities to make the most of the natural wonders of the surounding wilderness – why not try Aurora Borealis walk on snowshoes; a husky safari or even a snow adventure with fatbikes. Take a look and start your Arctic adventure here…