Activities in Norwegian Lapland

Northern Norway, and Norwegian Lapland is home to some amazing activities both on land and the fjords around the coast. Whether dog sledding in Norway, joining a Northern Lights tour in Norway, or even Whale Watching in Norway – the rugged wilderness, combined with the picturesque countryside is a true hit. For those looking for milder temperatures, coastal destinations such as activities in Tromso, Narvik and tours in Lyngenfjord are worth considering as the sea holds average temperatures to a milder average of – 3 degrees in  winter.

Snowshoeing and Ice Hotel visit – Destination Tromsø

7,5 hours approx
Join your guide on a snowshoe adventure in the surrounding area of Tromsø Ice Domes. Here we try to spot the living counterparts of some of the...

In the footsteps of Roald Amundsen – Farout

3 hours approx
Tromsø has played a big part in many polar expeditions, and still does. Learn about the role of Tromsø as Arctic gateway and starting point for...

Cross-Country Skiing on the Edge of Tromsø – Daytime – Aurora Alps

5,5 hours approx
Winter in the Arctic is coloured by blue light and white snow. This creates a nice setting for winter activities.

Private Fjord / Midnightsun Tour – AuroraPhotoGuide

4-5 timer approx
We will drive through beautiful scenery around the city of Tromsø. This tour is a real scenic experience during the daytime or in the evening with...

Dog sledding with a Northern Lights ceremony

5 hours approx
Join an exciting dogsledding tour into the deep forests of Gratangen. The tour is led by a knowledgeable tour guide who has his own dog team. This...

Arctic Sail Safari – Pukka Travels

5 hours approx
There is so much life in the fjords in the winter time where seabirds, eagles, seals, and schools of fish gather to feed and stay alive during the...

Kvaløya Fjord Tour – Northern Norway Travel

5-6 hours approx
Join us on a roundtrip Arctic scenery tour around the picturesque island of Kvaløya. See how locals live outside the city, look for Arctic flora and...

Polaria – an Arctic Experience!

Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will...

Northern Lights Basecamp – Aurora Alps

5 hours approx
From our base at Breivikeidet, only a 50-minute drive from Tromsø, you can spot the Northern Lights from different angles with stunning views of...

Highlight activities in Norway

Those booking activities in Arctic Norway are treated to spectacular and dramatic scenery with warm hospitality and the chance to experience both the urban and wilderness Arctic environments. Whether visiting for wildlife encounters from Orca to Wolves, dog or reindeer sledding and snowmobiling in the winter, or hiking, fishing for king crabs, whale watching or a midnight sun cruise in the summer – Norway has it all.

The network of Fjords on the coast give way to both urban life with towns and cities like Tromso and Narvik, with the land rising quickly into the mountains that stretch to the Swedish boarder. Norwegian Lapland stretches to the most northerly point of Lapland and boasts the most northerly point of Europe at the North Cape. Norwegian Lapland boast the most Northerly city in the world including the most northerly coffee bar (Longyearbyen), 18-hole golf course, brewery, Mosque, Cathedral, University and elite division football team (Tromso), the most northerly coral reef (North Cape), and the world’s most northerly Wildlife Park (Polar Park).