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Activities in Lyngenfjord (Norway)

A spectacular Arctic destination sandwiched between stunning fjords and dramatic mountains, Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps could be the perfect destination for your next Arctic adventure! The Lyngen region was awarded the prestigious quality label “Sustainable Destination” by Innovation Norway in 2017, this means that the destinations offers environmentally-friendly options when you are travelling in the region.

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Must do activities in Lyngenfjord

There’s such a great range of winter activities in the area from ice climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, northern lights, moose safaris in the Lyngen region and whale watching activities in Lyngenfjord. As well as experiencing the magical Northern Lights in the Lyngen Alps, our three favourite activities in the region include ice climbing in the Lyngen Alps for the more active guests; a visit The Reisa National park with cultural and culinary activities in Lyngen; and a visit Aurora Spirit Distillery, the northernmost distillery in the world. In the summer, Lyngen transforms into a destination for hiking, glacier hikes, mountain biking, fishing and a is a great destination to experience the midnight sun.


Lyngenfjord Travel Guide

The beautiful Lyngen region is surrounded by stunning Norwegian coastline and the majestic Lyngen Alps, located between the cities Alta and Tromsø. The stunning alps, valleys, fjords and wilderness is worth a visit all year around. The varied nature offers opportunities for unique and exciting activities.

In summer you can hike in the mountains and wilderness under the midnight sun and discover the arctic landscape. The Reisa National park with canyons and impressive waterfalls is totally worth a visit. Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps also offers nature based activities like fishing, mountain biking and boat trips.

If you want to create life-long memories during your holiday in Northern Norway? Visit Lyngenfjord.

The closest major airport is Tromsø with regular flights via Oslo and a few international flights direct. Also close by are Bardufoss, Alta and Sørkjosen airports.

There are a number of buses from Tromsø, Narvik and Alta or you can jump on the expressboat to Nord-Lenangen from Tromsø which operates only on certain days and local ferries to other destinations that operate year round.

If you are travelling by public transport, we advise you to plan well as there are limited departures. An alternative can be to rent your own car or contact some of the regional transport companies. Locally taxis are also available.

In wintertime the Lyngen Alps is a classic destination for ski touring in Norway. Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world come here to ski down the untouched snow-covered mountainsides, which is perfect for sea to summit! In addition to skiing you can also enjoy dog sledding under the Northern Lights and other exiting winter activities. Or maybe fancy an arctic ice bath? To get warm again, enjoy the time in a traditional sauna or visit the world’s northernmost whiskey distillery.

With the first snow arriving in October, just as the light is fading into winter marking the official start of winter in the region at the end of October. From November to January, the sun does not reach above the horizon and in the middle of the day the sky is deep blue like in dusk. The region is placed such that there is normally an abundance of snow, perfect for winter arctic activities in Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps, which stays from November through to May. Although well north of the Arctic Circle, temperatures are generally mild ranging from -2 to -9 degrees centigrade in mid-winter.

As the snow melts in spring, summer brings temperatures ranging from 3 to 35 degrees centigrade – along with the midnight sun where the sun never dips below the horizon.

As you are deep into the Arctic Circle, Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps are well located for Northern Lights activities. The best time to join a Lyngen Northern Lights activity is from September to March – and we’d recommend combining it with some of our other winter activities to create the perfect holiday.

Lyngenfjord can be a great destination for families however many of the activities will be suitable only for older children or adults – so plan carefully.

Accommodation varies from luxurious glass igloos and seaside cabins to hotels or lodges, hostels and cabins of all kinds. The Lyngen region has something for every budget.

Lyngenfjord has a small but surprising range of places to eat. A few of our favourites include the Bios café in Storslett for homemade local food and Fryd café in Nord-Lenangen where you will also find the shrimp factory, Lyngen Reker.

Lyngenfjord and Lyngen Alps is not a destination for the party animal. Between cosying up next to a fire, we recommend getting togged up and joining a Northern Lights activity!

This is a difficult one as you could go from a relaxing budget break to a busy luxury stay. As a start, we’d recommend budgeting a minimum of £100 – 300 per person per day (that is about [$130, €111 or 1070 NOK] to [$395, €343 or 3202 NOK])