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Visit Lapland are proud to be exclusively working with Visit Tromsø to deliver the widest range of Tromsø activities. Nestled in on a island in the middle of a Fjord, the City of Tromsø is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year. In the summer the city remains in sunlight for 24 hours, whilst in the winter the Tromsø Northern Lights regularly dance above the rooftops. Being a thriving contemporary city, Tromsø activities and accommodation is available to suit all budgets, styles and tastes, and is easy to reach with direct international flights.

Tromsø boast an expansive portfolio of pulsating activities that run throughout the day into the night, perfect for those of you seeking an action packed adventure. Start the day off discovering the amazing wilderness aboard a reindeer sled or even on one of the ever popular snowmobile safaris. Or for a different type of experience don’t overlook Tromsø’s unique Polar Park or a one of a kind fishing trip on the famous Fjord Cruise. Then as the sun goes down and the nighttime arrives, a whole new host of experiences become available.

We have an incredible eclectic mix of activities during which you can discover the stunning scenery of the Northern Lights as they light up the nightline sky. You might be chasing the lights on a minibus or an a reindeer sled but one thing will remain the same, the spectacular imagery that the Aurora Borealis create. The brilliant Northern Lights Photograph Excursion from Tromsø will also allow you to to capture those unforgettable memories and the helpful tour guides will show you how to ensure that you get the best shots possible.

Regardless of the type of Tromsø activities that you’re looking to experience, the beautiful city of Tromsø has something for everyone.

Visit Lapland are exclusively working with Visit Tromso


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Crystal lavvo, snowmobile & Aurora – Green Gold of Norway

24 hours approx

from NOK 3600

from Dec 16th to Apr 10th we combine some action and some relaxation in our Crystal Lavvo, snowmobile and Aurora program.

A Taste of North Norwegian Seafood by RiB – Tromsø Friluftsenter

2,5 hours approx

from NOK 1230

We take you to our base at Risvika by rigid inflatable boats (RiB). The scenic trip takes 30 minutes. We arrive at our lavvu with a bonfire and a...

Arctic Landscapes – Winter – A Road Trip along the Fjords – Wandering Owl

4-5 hours approx

from NOK 1200

Norway is known for its incredible fjords, mountains and wildlife.

Aurora in Wonderland – a northern lights chase by minibuss – The Green Adventure

5-6 hours approx

from NOK 1200

Join our daily northern lights chase in a group of up to 14 adventurers.

Discover the Aurora – Tromsø University Museum

1-2 hours approx

from NOK 250

This is a “must do” activity for all Northern Lights enthusiasts. Get a broad understanding of what causes Northern Lights and learn more about...

Discover the Fjords of Kvaløya by Car and Taste Local Food – The Green Adventure

5-6 hours approx

from NOK 1200

Join us on a road trip around Kvaløya in a small group.

Dog sledding daytime – Tromsø Villmarkssenter

4 hours approx

from NOK 1890

Choose if you want to experience leading your own Husky Team on Dog Sledding Drive or take in the scenery on a trip with our guides on Dog sledding...

Exciting fjordcruise and fishing trip with MS Senjafjell – Solbø Maritime AS

4-6 approx

from NOK 1300

Onboard it is a warm and cozy atmosphere and the boat is suitable for up to 10-12 persons. Here you will be a member of a small group, and we will be...

Midnight Sun Adventure by RiB – Tromsø Friluftsenter

2,5 hours approx

from NOK 1280

In a Rib boat we will drive to where we can see the idyllic little island Gåsvær that holds a little church out in the open sea. From here the view...

“a journey in search of the Northern Lights” – Northern Soul Adventures

6-9 hours approx

from NOK 1550

In an intimate group with a max of 7 guests, we will create memorable experiences on a journey in search of the Northern Lights. As no two nights are...

Northern Lights Chase with North Norwegian Charm – Tromsø Friluftsenter

5-6 hours approx

from NOK 1150

Join us on a chase with genuine North Norwegian hospitality, warmth and charm to chase the magical Aurora.

Northern Lights Photographic Excursion from Tromsø – Green Gold of Norway

6 hours approx

from NOK 1200

Every evening we use the latest weather update to choose the area around Tromøo with best chances for clear skies.

Overnight Reindeer Sledding and Northern Lights – Tromsø Lapland

15,5 hours approx

from NOK 2800

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest means of transportation in the north, with authentic Sami guides from the small family-run company Tromsø Lapland...

Polar Park – Entrance fee

from NOK 260

Polar Park is the northernmost animal park in the world, and is beautifully located in the heart of Salangsdalen Valley in Bardu, 184 km south of...

Reindeer Sledding and Northern Lights – Tromsø Lapland

4-5 hours approx

from NOK 1695

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest means of transportation in the north, with authentic Sami guides from the small family-run company Tromsø Lapland...

Reindeer Sledding with Sami Culture – Tromsø Lapland

4-5 hours approx

from NOK 1695

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest form of transport in the north, with authentic Sami guides from the family-run company Tromsø Lapland. During your...

Wildlife, culture and scenery tour – Winter – Tromsø Friluftsenter

4,5 hours approx

from NOK 1000

This tour is recommended for nature photographers, bird watchers and people who love the rural coastal landscape. Join us on a tour with North...

Sea birds, Seals and Museum visit – included Zodiac tour–Summer – Tromsø Friluftsenter

approx. 3 hours approx

from NOK 1000

Join us in RIB boat and watch the bird life here in the Arctic. We start the tour with a museum visit to get information before we board the RIB...

Snowmobile Safari in the Beautiful Northern Lyngen Alps – Green Gold of Norway

7 hours approx

from NOK 1900

Enjoy a nice and quiet Snowmobile safari surrounded by the beautiful fjords and mountains of the amazing Lyngen Alps (Dec 15th - Apr 15th).

Star Walk – a night snowshoeing tour – Wandering Owl

5-6 hours approx

from NOK 1250

Leave the beaten tracks, immerse yourself in the polar night and walk your way under the stars.

Take a walk on the wild side – All-inclusive snowshoeing tour – Wandering Owl

4-5 hours approx

from NOK 1100

Discover the peacefulness of the white and untouched landscape.



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Highlight Tromsø Activities

Whether to enjoy the fine cuisine, local culture or to adventure into the wilderness to hunt for the Tromsø Northern Lights, Tromsø is a top choice for many looking for a selection of quality Arctic Tromsø activities delivered from a vibrant and fascinating Arctic city.

There is so much to see and do in Tromsø, activities range from dog sledding and snowmobiling, to Tromsø Northern Lights watching and road trips around the fjords. The Tromsø Northern Lights are often viewable between late August and early April. Tromsø activities offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an action-packed break or prefer something more relaxing.