Season ticket – Polaria

Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will...

Guided snowshoe tour with pick up from your accommodation – Northern Horizon

5-6 hours approx
Put on your snowshoes and walk with your guide into a snowy paradise.

One Day of Active Dog Sledding – Active Tromsø

7 hours approx
Experience the most beautiful adventure in the fairytale Arctic wilderness. Be a musher on your own sledge pulled by happy and experienced Alaskan...

Snowmobile Safari in the Beautiful Northern Lyngen Alps – Green Gold of Norway

7 hours approx
Enjoy a nice and quiet Snowmobile safari surrounded by the beautiful fjords and mountains of the amazing Lyngen Alps (Dec 15th - Apr 15th).

The Ultimate RIB Boat Safari – Arctic Explorers

3 hours approx
Exciting RIB fjord adventure by boat! We have explored this area for decades, so we know where the nicest landscapes are. We will take you to...

Symphony – Arctic Breeze, teaming up with nature.

5-7 hours approx
Our panorama bus provides a unique experience along the way as we hunt for the Northern Lights.

Aurora in Wonderland – a northern lights chase by minibuss – The Green Adventure

6-8 hours approx
Join our daily northern lights chase in a group of up to 14 adventurers.

Snowshoeing in a Small Group – Northern Lights Tromsø

3 hours approx
We run snowshoeing trips in easy terrain on the picturesque island of Kvaløya. Our trips are suitable for those with previous snowshoeing experience...

Arctic road-trip: Kvaløya island and Sommarøy – Arctic Breeze

4-5 hours approx
We will take you for a road trip around Kvaløya island, and drive between the deep fjords and the mountains out to the picturesque beaches of...

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Must do activities in Tromso

Whether to enjoy the fine cuisine, local culture or to adventure into the wilderness to hunt for the Tromsø Northern Lights, Tromsø is a top choice for many looking for a selection of quality Arctic Tromsø activities delivered from a vibrant and fascinating Arctic city.

There is so much to see and do in Tromsø, activities range from dog sledding and snowmobiling, to Tromsø Northern Lights watching and road trips around the fjords. The Tromsø Northern Lights are often viewable between late August and early April. Tromsø activities offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an action-packed break or prefer something more relaxing.

An introduction to Tromso

One of the most popular and developed tourism destinations in northern Norway. Known for Tromso Northern Lights activities, dogsledding in Tromso and its vibrant city culture – some even call it the Paris of the North. Visit Lapland are proud to be exclusively working with Visit Tromsø to deliver the widest range of Tromsø activities.

Nestled in on a island in the middle of a Fjord, the City of Tromsø is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year and is connected by a bridge to the mainland giving it perfect access to the sea, arctic wilderness and mountains beyond. In the summer the city remains in sunlight for 24 hours, whilst in the winter the Tromsø Northern Lights regularly dance above the rooftops. Being a thriving contemporary city, Tromsø activities and accommodation is available to suit all budgets, styles and tastes, and is easy to reach with direct international flights.

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About us

Tromso Travel Guide

Tromsø boasts an expansive portfolio of activities that run throughout the day into the night, perfect for those of you seeking an action packed adventure. Start the day off discovering the amazing wilderness aboard a reindeer sled or even on one of the ever popular snowmobile safaris. Or for a different type of experience don’t overlook Tromsø’s unique Polar Park or a one of a kind fishing trip on the famous Fjord Cruise. Then as the sun goes down and the nighttime arrives, a whole new host of experiences become available.

We have an incredible eclectic mix of activities during which you can discover the stunning scenery of the Northern Lights as they light up the nightline sky. You might be chasing the lights on a minibus or an a reindeer sled but one thing will remain the same, the spectacular imagery that the Aurora Borealis create. The brilliant Northern Lights Photograph Excursion from Tromsø will also allow you to to capture those unforgettable memories and the helpful tour guides will show you how to ensure that you get the best shots possible.

Regardless of the type of Tromsø activities that you’re looking to experience, the beautiful city of Tromsø has something for everyone.

About Tromso

In Northern Norway on an island just off mainland, lies the city of Tromso, which for many marks an of the most important cultural hubs north of the Arctic Circle. With a bustling cultural city, Tromso is seen my many as the perfect base from with to book Arctic activities including everything from Tromso Northern Lights tours, to Dogsledding in Tromso.

Tromso has a rich history which dates back 11,000 years through cave paintings. Although little is still known about those early days, the indigenous Sami people’s history in Tromso is known to stretch back over 3000 years.

Now a modern Sandinavian city, Tromso has a historic centre that is characterised by its old wooden houses. Around this heritage has built a modern city with a vibrant food culture. The Skyline of the city is dominated by a few key pieces of architecture including the Arctic Cathedral (a must see in Tromso) with its iconic peaked roof.

Getting to and around Tromso

Getting to Tromso is relatively straightforward, although there are a few international flights direct into Tromso Airport at key times of year, most international flights will go via Oslo.

Rental cars can be hired from Tromso Airport, or the city, taxis are easily enough booked in advance and there is a bus network for those on a budget. It is, however, worth checking the pick-up points for activities to make sure that you are aware of where it all starts.  

Must do tours and activities in Tromso

Tromso is a hub of Arctic activities, however one of the big draws is the Northern Lights. Whether joining a Northern Lights chase around Tromso; Dogsledding under the Northern Lights in Tromso, or even joining a Northern Lights Photographic tour in Tromso – there are plenty of options available.

Out on the water and there are opportunities to join a whale watching trips with the opportunity to see the king of the seas – Orca!

As well as the other classic dogsledding activities in Tromso and Snowmobilling, we also recommend looking at a Cultural Sami tour in Tromso, some of which include reindeer feeding, Sami Culture and Reindeer Sledding.

Geography, climate and weather in Tromso

As Tromso is on the coast, temperatures tend to be milder than inland with average temperatures in winter ranging from -1 degrees centigrade to -5. In the summer, the midnight sun brings warmth to the region with highs of 16 degrees centigrade. Whether in winter or summer it is worth being prepared for your planned Tromso activities.

Northern Lights in Tromso

With Tromso lying at 69.6 degrees north – it is perfectly located for the Northern Lights. The dark winter nights and proximity to the North Pole, has made it a very popular destination for visitors hoping to experience the Aurora Borealis, to visit.

Although experiencing the Northern lights in Tromso is never guaranteed, they can appear at any point over the city, co keep your eyes skyward whenever you’re out and about. For the best chance to experience them, a Tromso Northern Lights tour is highly recommended. With expert guides, tours take guests to the best spots outside the city to get away from the city light and give an even better chance to spot the lights – some even combining the trip with dog sledding, photography or dinner.

Family travel to Tromso

If you are planning a family Lapland holiday there is plenty to do with kids, however, as with many Arctic activities in the winter some are only suitable for older children. The vibrant city and range of Tromso activities available do make it a good option for a family adventure.

Where to stay in Tromso

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of hotels in Tromso. For more budget options, the Comfort Hotel Xpress gets good reviews, and for something a little more comfortable, the Radison Blu, Scandic or Clarion The Edge are also recommended complete with its sky bar. There are however plenty of options!

If hotels aren’t your thing, then there are lodges, cabins, and even hostels to call home for then night.

Where to eat in Tromso

Tromso boasts a wide range of restaurants with just about every culinary background you could wish for. Whether Italian, Chinese – or even sushi, it’s all available in the city.

If you’re looking to mix with the locals, then try Hildr gastrobar with dishes based on the catch of the day; the city’s oldest café Aunegården, and Raketten a tiny sausage outlet built in 1911.

Nightlife in Tromso

Like any city around the world, there is plenty of bars and venues to keep any visitor busy. Although there is too much to choose from, why not try the Bardus Bistro & Bar for a cocktail. At the time of writing they served the Tromso Mix – a beer with tequila, cinnamon and orange!

Budget and costs for Tromso

Your daily budget will very much depend on what you are looking to do, and how well you want to stay, whilst in Tromso. Although it is possible to budget as little as $60 USD (£46) per person, per day (not including activities) it is recommended that for a holiday this is more likely to be around $100 USD (£75).

Making memories in Tromso, however is all about making memories through your activities, so ensure you have budget to book your Tromso Northern Lights activities, dogsledding in Tromso and boat trips!