Activities in Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s northernmost destination and home to Kiruna, Abisko, Icehotel, Treehotel, Luleå, Jokkmokk, and much more. In the summer Swedish Lapland is characterized by seemingly endless forests of pine and spruce, thundering rivers that drain the snow-covered fells and peaceful lakeside villages high amongst the hills. Sparsely populated, the region gives guests the chance to experience raw nature at first hand. Back on the main Inlandsbanan train route, Arvidsjaur offers a fascinating insight into indigenous culture at its lappstad, a diverting collection of religious dwellings and storehuts.

Moose safari on horseback

Kiruna, Sweden 6 hours approx

Join us on for a tour on Icelandic horses, looking for moose in the forest.

Snowshoe Hike

Abisko, Sweden 2 hours approx

Explore the wilderness and the wildlife on snowshoes!

Northern Light Dinner Experience (3643-620)

Björkliden, Sweden 2 hours approx

We travel by snowshoes to our lavvu, a hut situated a short hike from the hotel. It’s up
there, without interfering artificial light, the...

Snowmobile Sled Tour (morning)

Abisko, Sweden 2 hours approx

Explore the wilderness and the wildlife around Abisko!

STF Aurora Sky Station – Autumn – The world’s most illuminating experience

When Autumn comes lots of people start dreaming about experiencing the magical northern lights. And the best place on Earth to fulfill such dreams is...

Abisko – Caving Adventure in Kåppashåla Cave

4km hiking, +/- 300m (underground) approx
Caves evoke feelings of mystery and excitement in exploring things that are secret and long forgotten. Down in the underworld you become overwhelmed...

Great Outback Tour 4.0

Abisko, Sweden 4 hours approx

This tour will take you deeper into the wonderful winter landscape of Abisko National Park and beyond!

Ice Fishing

Abisko, Sweden 2 hours approx

Take the chance to hook up the legendary Arctic Char!

Abisko – Experience Abisko – from railway construction to light phenomena

2 hours approx
Interesting stories about Abisko enrichen your experience here. We are proud to share some of the unique cultural heritage that has put Abisko on the...

Highlight activities in Swedish Lapland

Jokkmokk, just north of the Arctic Circle, is the centre of Sámi life – not least during its Winter Market when thousands of people visit buy and sell everything from reindeer hides to wellington boots. Moving further north, Kiruna is an Arctic city with a rugged charm which serves as a hub for activities, with the world-famous Icehotel based in nearby Jukkasjärvi that also serves as a tourism draw. Further north still and you hit the wilderness with with rugged national parks that offer a chance to hike in the summer and enjoy snow activities in the winter. Here you’ll find Abisko, the driest place in all of Sweden, and Bjorkliden where the road continues over the mountains to Norway.

As well as the world-famous Ice Hotel, majestic mountains and wilderness for dog sledding and snowmobiling, and a range of quality cultural Sami activities, Sweden is also home to Abisko, one of the best places in the world for Northern Lights due to a local microclimate causing more clear skies than other Arctic regions.