Abisko Northern Lights Activities

One of the main reasons visitors travel to this specific region of Lapland is the Abisko Northern Lights. Abisko is one of a handful of destinations that is truly synonymous with the Aurora Borealis. In order to fully appreciate the wonder of the Northern Lights, you really do have to witness the phenomenon in person as images on a screen can never fully encapsulate the splendour that is created.

The Abisko Northern Lights light up the sky anytime between September and April. Abisko sits under a weather shadow created by the surrounding mountains. This weather pattern helps create, what is locally known as, “the blue hole over Abisko”, or a patch of sky that remains clear when other areas are covered in cloud – useful when hunting for the Northern Lights!

The range of Northern Lights activities that we offer are the perfect compliment to the scenery that the Aurora Borealis capture. The view from the world famous Aurora Sky Station located deep within the Abisko wilderness allows you to get the maximum viewing pleasure. The station’s location surrounded by the Kiruna mountains where the skies are a tad darker making the lights even more vivid and thus making an incredible experience even more spectacular.

Whether they dazzle the night-sky in a florescent green in the forms of spirals and coronas or you’re lucky enough to catch sprinklings of blue, yellow, purple and red, the imagery created by the Abisko Northern Lights is a genuinely unforgettable memory and one of the most popular Abisko activities with tourists of all ages.

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Fjäll to Fjord – Narvik Day...

6 hours approx

from SEK 1495.00

Enjoy a day trip through the dramatic mountain scenery of Sweden and Norway to the town of Narvik. Lunch included. (October - March)

Snowmobile Trip (morning)

2 hours approx

from SEK 1250.00

Feel the excitement of driving through the wilderness on a snowmobile!

Snowmobile Trip (afternoon)

2 hours approx

from SEK 1250.00

Feel the excitement of driving through the wilderness on a snowmobile!

Explore the ICEHOTEL (Nov-March)

7 hours approx

from SEK 1395.00

Take a trip into a world of ice, snow and art with a visit to the world-famous ICEHOTEL, with its amazing Art Suites, Ice Church and famous...

Snowmobile Sled Tour (afternoon)

2 hours approx

from SEK 825.00

Explore the wilderness and the wildlife around Abisko!

The Sami & Reindeer Experience...

6 hours approx

from SEK 2295.00

Take a day trip to the Sámi village of Rávttas, 45 minutes east of Abisko and experience a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the reindeer...



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