Sami Activities in Abisko

For those looking to better understand the indigenous culture of the region, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and learn about and join Sami activities in Abisko and surrounding area.

The Sami have lived in and around Abisko for 1000s of years where their lives are driven by the eight seasons of the Arctic region. A Sami experience Abisko will give you the chance to experience the amazing lifestyle of the Sami people with the chance to get face-to-face with Lapland’s most iconic creature – the reindeer.

A cultural trip to meet the Sami through a Sami activity in Abisko will give you the chance to see what life is like for those native to the region; feel the warmth of their hospitality and dedication to family; and taste traditional dishes that have been passed down through the generations.

Abisko - Sami

The Sami & Reindeer Experience

6 hours approx

from SEK 2385.00

Take a day trip to the Sámi village of Rávttas, 45 minutes east of Abisko and experience a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the reindeer...



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