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Guided city fatbike tour

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours approx

Ice Fishing Experience Luleå

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours approx

Ice fishing Luleå

Nordic Winter Skills – 3 hours including lunch

Luleå, Sweden 3 hours approx

Winter life in Swedish Lapland is made comfortable by learning how to dress, behave and enjoy nature in the cold Subarctic climate.

Pack Ice Nature Tour – 4 hours by snowmobile with lunch

Luleå, Sweden 4 hours approx

Snow Mobile 3h lunch

Luleå, Sweden 3 hours approx

Snöskotertur i Luleå skärgård och i skogen

Guided nature snowshoe tour

Luleå, Sweden 3 hours approx

Husky Fatbike Tour

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours approx

A unique 2.5 hour Husky Dog Nature Tour through Swedish Lapland

Autumn Boat Tour to an Island with Lunch

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours approx

Highlight activities in Lulea

Whether ice-skating on the frozen sea, a heart pumping hovercraft ride, or classic Arctic activities like dog sledding or snowmobiling, there is plenty to keep you busy in winter. Summer then brings to life local islands, rivers, forests and lakes as well as offering all the benefits of city life.

Introduction to Lulea

Lulea is the capital of the region known as Norrbotten County, and Sweden’s northernmost city found on the northwest corner of the Gulf of Bothnia. It is laidback city with more than its fair share of world class restaurants for its size, and a perfect jumping off point for many Arctic activities in Sweden.

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Lulea Travel Guide

In Luleå there are plenty of activities both summer and wintertime, go on a aurora hunt, snowmobile tour, drive your own dogsled or take a guided walk in the old town with wooden houses from the 1400s. No matter how adventurous you want your vacation to be, there is definitely something here for you to experience.

About Luleå

With around 40 000 people living in the city, Luleå is the 5th biggest city in Swedish Lapland. Which in European measurement is a quite small town but it has a lot to offer in terms off restaurant, shops, activities and sights.

Getting to and around Luleå

Luleå has its own airport with scheduled flights with both Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian. There are several arrival/departures a day connecting the airport to Stockholm-Arlanda airport with makes it easy to access from most cities in Europe, Asia and North America. Getting around in Luleå is easy, there are several car rentals (including Avis, Hertz, Mabi etc.) and a good network of public transport.

Must do tours and activities in Luleå

Apart from the many Northern Lights tours offered, a visit to Luleå would not be complete without testing a dog sled. Feeling the power and eagerness of the dogs while the wind is cooling in the face is a powerful feeling.

Experiencing it in the evening makes it even more exciting, total silence besides the dogs eager barking before departure. If you are lucky, the sky is open and the northern lights dance on the sky, together with millions of flashing stars.

Geography, climate and weather in Luleå

Luleå is located at the east coast in Swedish Lapland. The area has a subarctic climate with long winters and quite short summers, but if you want to visit in summertime, don´t be worried, Luleå has for several years been the town in Sweden with the most sunlight and temperatures up to 30 degrees celsius is not to uncommon during the summer months.

The climate in Luleå has not only attracted visitors but also companies, Luleå is actually the location where Facebook made their first investment outside of the United States. The climate is perfect for natural cooling of the big data halls that Facebook has built.

Northern Lights in Luleå

Northern light in the Luleå region is common and there are several ways to experience the natural phenomenon. What about hunting the northern lights while riding your own dog sled, hiking with snow shoes or learning more about photography of the light. There are many ways to experience the northern lights and everything can be booked here at Visit Lapland.

Where to stay in Luleå

Luleå offer a wide range of accommodation and most of the Scandinavian hotel chains can be found here. There is also more unique accommodation. Tree Hotel located just over an hour’s drive from Luleå in the town Harads, is renowned throughout the world for its unique range of luxurious hotel rooms built among the tree tops in the woods. There are also companies offering more simple living, for example sleeping in a hammock between two trees. It doesn’t get more basic than that.

Where to eat in Luleå

The range of restaurants is great and you can experience the traditional Swedish cuisine made from local produce at most restaurants. Several of the restaurants are also mentioned in the White Guide, which is the Nordic countries leading guide system for restaurants and cafes. For budget travellers, there are also several fast food and sushi restaurants.

Nightlife in Luleå

Since Luleå is a university city, there are several pubs and nightclubs, meeting Swedes and other international guests of all ages and backgrounds makes the nightlife a colourful cultural experience. If sport interests you more than night life, Luleå has a professional ice hockey team. Experience the sport up close and interact with the Swedish fans.

Budget and costs for Luleå

Luleå is a neither budget or a luxury destination so accommodation, activities and restaurant comes in all price ranges. Depending on your budget you can choose from high comfort hotels to cheaper Air B&B apartments, there are places to stay and things to experience for all budgets. Getting here though, can be real cheap with two airlines competing for travellers.

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