Lulea Dog sledding Activities

Dog sledding is an ancient way to travel in the north, and Lulea offers thousands of square kilometres of pristine wilderness to explore with your very own teams of dogs! While we love the thrill of exploring the backcountry with a snowmobile or on a set of snowshoes, nothing compares to the joy of making an emotional connection with a group of four legged friends and experiencing the Sub Arctic wilderness in total silence, just as local inhabitants of the Lulea region have done for hundreds of years.

Our partners offer a comprehensive catalogue of dog sledding adventures in Lulea starting with a simple two-hour trek that is driven by a professional dog sledder, all the way up to multi week expeditions that allow you to harness your inner musher, and conquer the remote forests like a true Arctic explorer. Regardless of the style of dog sledding adventure you seek, our team of professionals are sure to have what you are looking for.

All our dog sledding activities are led by mushers who genuinely care for their dogs, and provide them with the highest levels of care. During your dog sledding excursion in Lulea, you may have an opportunity to interact with your dogs by leading them from their kennel, putting the team on the harness, feeding your pack and helping them along the way when the snow gets deep or the train comes to in incline. The dedication that these incredible K-9’s show when travelling through the Lulea region will surely inspire you and will give you a pocket full of memories of your time together that can be reflected upon for many years to come!

Dog sledding in Lulea is one of our most popular adventures, and often becomes fully booked many months in advance. If you are dreaming of driving your own team of dogs this winter, book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with us today!

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