The Arctic is a great destination for families to visit, whether it be to experience the snowy winters and Santa Clause, or to get back to nature and explore the wilderness as a family, Lapland has it all.

The winter is one of the most magical times to visit Lapland. With almost guaranteed snow your are sure to be able to fulfil those childhood dreams of snowmen, snowballs and if your feeling really adventurous Igloos. The snow also gives you a great opportunity to experiences those activities that are perfect for families to all enjoy together.

Family dog sledding in Lapland

Dog sledding has to be one of the best and is perfect for families of almost all ages and abilities. With younger children and teenagers it is probably best to opt for guided trip where the sled and dog team are all driven by a professional team, all you then have to do is sit back as you fly through the wilderness! Normally these trips will include a stop at a Lavvu or Teepee where you can soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a warming hot drink and maybe try some traditional Scandinavian baking.

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Santa holiday in Lapland

Of course at a certain time of year any family trip to Lapland would not be complete without a visit to see Santa Claus. Many resorts and destinations offer Santa based trips, but one of the most famous is located in Rovaniemi. Here is where you can visit Santa Claus Village the home of Santa, his Elves and the “official” Santa Post office. It’s probably most suitable for families with younger children but even adults have been known to be lost for words when they finally got to see the Big Man himself!

santa holiday lapland

Family summer holiday in Lapland

But it’s not all about the winter, Lapland is a fantastic place to visit for families in the summer. The long summer days provide plenty of time to get out into nature and explore the wildlife as a family, and despite popular opinion can be very warm (the summer of 2018 had highs above 30 degrees centigrade!).

During the summer and Autumn Lapland is one of the best locations to canoe, hike, kayak and camp. With free access into the wilderness finding a spot all to yourself in not normally a problem, however for those looking to find those extra special spots then a guided trip is definitely recommended. The knowledge and expertise of local guides can bring a destination to life, spotting wildlife, locating the best swimming spots or identifying which berries and mushrooms to pick for the evening’s meal.

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Over all Lapland is a perfect destination for families looking to send time together and have fun experiencing activities together. The winter no doubt winter is magical and can provide experiences to last a lifetime but don’t forget about the summer. Sometimes it is those places at the opposite end of the year to the peak season which can offer the most rewarding experiences and exploring Lapland as a family in the summer could be just that.