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About Lapland

Lapland is a winter wonderland packed with some of the most exciting and unique Arctic Activities, rich culture, stunning scenery and warm and friendly people. Lapland offers the perfect destination for anyone planning a northern lights holiday, someone looking for a little winter adventure, or for a time to tick off some of the many bucket list Lapland activities.

Where did the name “Lapland” come from?

The name “Lapland” is a conventional name for the Sami region of Sami region of Sápmi. The name Lapland was derived from Lapp, the name the first Scandinavians attributed to the indigenous Sami people that have lived in the region for thousands of years.

The Sami people, who have lived in the region for thousands of years, still prefer the region to be referred to as Sápmi rather than Lapland – and remain proud of their heritage and customs. Many people who visit Lapland find Sami cultural activities in the Arctic a real highlight of a trip.

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The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is a line of latitude around the earth that sits at approximately 66°30′ N. It marks the point at which in December Solstice of mid-winter the sun is no longer visible above the horizon for 24 hours, and likewise in the June solstice of mid-summer the sun does not drop below the horizon and the midnight sun.

It is thought that with slight changes in the Earth’s angle, the line of the Arctic Circle is not fixed and can move slightly from year to year.

Jokkmokk, just north of the Arctic Circle, is the centre of Sámi life – not least during its Winter Market when thousands of people visit buy and sell everything from reindeer hides to wellington boots.