Summer in Lapland

The Arctic is a magical mix of long nights and cold winters with snow covered wilderness and frozen lakes as far as the eye can see; to mild, if not warm, summers with babbling brooks, wild flowers and berries and the midnight sun. Both summer and winter offer exotic variation of weather which, in itself, is a reason to visit the northern regions of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Summer is a time for nature to bloom. With the long summer days which result in the Midnight sun anywhere above the Arctic Circle in mid-summer. As the snow recedes a blanket of colour is revealed to leave the perfect conditions for Arctic summer activities including hiking, foraging, fishing, kayaking and Whitewater rafting.

Summer Weather

With the big melt of the Arctic happening around April / May, the landscape literally transforms. Hibernating animals awake, and communities come together to enjoy the long days. This is the time of year that locals holiday enjoying the wide range of Arctic outdoors activities on offer.

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Summer Daylight

From the end of May to mid-July the sun does not set at all and the midnight sun gives you 24 hours of daylight a day – more than enough time to experience all that Lapland in the Summer has to offer.

The midnight sun is also a draw for international visitors who are able to use the additional daylight for long days hiking in the mountains, mountain biking or simply topping up the tan!

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