There are a range of accommodation options in Lapland to compliment your Lapland activities across the Arctic. Depending on your budget you have the choice of the budget hotels and even some hostels; quality hotels; cabins; and right through to bespoke world-famous accommodation like the original ICEHOTEL and the Treehotel.

Whatever your choice of accommodation, we can support your itinerary with Arctic activities from dogsledding in Abisko and snowmobiling in Tromso, to Northern Lights hunt in Kiruna or even Rovaniemi Santa experiences in Finland – however we can direct you through to other respected websites to book accommodation.

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Accommodation in Luleå

Lapland Hotels

There are a range of hotel rooms available across the arctic region that make the perfect base from which to embark on your Tromso Northern Lights trip, or your Kiruna Dogsledding adventure. The Quality of the hotels can range from the uber basic to the comfortable chain hotels, or even the super luxury boutique properties. Hotel accommodation can range in price depending on the quality and time of year, so it is worth searching around for the right fit for you and your budget.

Lapland hostels and accommodation on a budget

If you are planning to visit Lapland on a budget northern lights holiday then looking into hostels can be a good idea, however in the Arctic region they are a little a little thin on the ground. It is also worth doing your research as the quality can also range. It is our recommendation that even on a budget you mix hostels with other accommodation to create an itinerary that will perfectly support a visit to the Icehotel in Kiruna, dog sledding in Abisko or a Northern Lights tour in Tromso.

Igloos, Ice-hotel and snow-hotels

If you are looking for something that can only be found up north in the arctic region, then an igloo, show hotel or Ice hotel could be just the thing. Whether you spend the night, or simply book an Icehotel visit in Kiruna to take a tour – you are transported into another world as you enter a world of ice which can make for a perfect highlight to your Arctic activity adventure in Lapland.

Sami Tepees and Goahti (or Kota)

The native people of the Arctic region, the Sami, traditionally lived a nomadic life where Lavvu, traditional Sami tepees, were erected and then transported to fresh grazing areas for their reindeer. A Goahti (or Kota) is a more permanent wooden version of the tepee. It is still possible, even in mid-winter, for guests to visit and even stay in a traditional Lavvu tepee – an experience our Visit Lapland experts would highly recommend. If it is not possible to stay in a traditional Lavvu or Kota, then many of the arctic activities on Visit Lapland from Northern Lights photography in Abisko to cultural Sami activities in Narvik include time warming up next to a fire in a traditional tepee.

Something special

Lapland is a hotbed for new and innovative accommodation to book as a highlight for your Lapland adventure. Whether an Icehotel in Kiruna, the world famous Treehotel near Lulea, glass igloos to look out to the Northern Lights – or even in a snowball – there are plenty of incredible places to sleep which will compliment your dogsledding, Northern Lights and snowmobiling activities booked through Visit Lapland.

Lapland cottages and Log Cabins

In winter when you return from your day dogsledding in Tromso, or snowmobiling in Kiruna, or are preparing for a night hunting for the Northern Lights in Abisko, there is nothing more comforting than sitting in a nice warm log cabin, possibly with a fire warming the room. To make a memorable, and comfortable, trip to Lapland, we’d recommend looking at adding a night (or more) in a cottage or log cabin, however it is worth doing your research as quality can vary from the uber basic (some of which may have no electricity or running water, to the top end luxury cabins including private saunas and hot tubs.


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