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Highlight activities in Lapland

Through Visit Lapland, you can find the best activities for your next Arctic holiday – no matter what the season. We work with the region’s leading suppliers and give visitors the chance to find and book from suppliers on the ground in Lapland.

With vast Arctic mountain ranges, endless wilderness, lakes and welcoming Arctic communities, there is a world of possibility waiting for visitors to Lapland. Split into eight seasons, Lapland has Arctic activities in the Summer taking advantage of the long summer days and the Midnight Sun; together with traditional Arctic activities throughout the winter where the snow brings out everything from dogsledding to snowmobiling, and the dark nights make it one of the best areas in the world to experience the Northern Lights.

Dog Sledding Activities in Lapland

Dog sledding is one of the most popular winter activities in the region, and with trips limited to four people per sled dog team spaces book up fast, so we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment. Kiruna dog sledding is a particularly popular choice especially when paired with Kiruna Northern Lights watching, but each location has a breathtaking and unique appeal waiting to be discovered.

Dog Sled

About dog sledding 

Dog sledding has been around for over 1,000 years. Traditionally dog sleds have been used to transport people and goods across long distances. Today dog sledding is still used by some communities as a means transportation but is now most widely enjoyed by tourists throughout the Arctic.

For many dog sledding is relaxing as you glide through the wilderness listening to the crunch of the snow under the skis as you go – for others it’s the excitement of feeling the arctic wind in your face and watching the pristine Arctic wilderness slide by. It’s been described as spiritual, man and dog connecting as one – whatever it is to you, the experience of travelling by dog sled will stay with you forever.

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Northern Lights Activities in Lapland

The Northern Lights have always been a mystery to people living in Arctic regions, with many adopting myths and legends around the Aurora to explain the spectacular lights dancing in the sky. Now with advances in research and science, much more is understood about the cause, however most still find the experience life-changing and in some cases spiritual.

Northern Lights

About Northern Lights

Although seeing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed, planned Northern Lights activities allow guests to not only reach the best viewing spots to give the highest chance of experiencing the Aurora, but also give guests the chance to learn from knowledgeable guides.

To make the most out of a Northern Lights activity in Lapland you need clear dark skies, therefore the winter months is a prime time to visit. Although many Northern Light activity providers will have additional equipment and clothing, it is important to ensure you are prepared for the cold winter nights – and don’t forget to pack your camera!

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Snowmobiling Activities in Lapland

Maybe the most traditional way of transportation in modern day Lapland, Snowmobiling is another must do activity for those looking to get away from civilisation and into the wilderness. There are options for everyone from the beginner, to longer trips for those more confident to take on a bigger adventure.


About Snowmobiling

Trips can be taken as a pair, or on your own as a solo driver, however wither way as you explore the wilderness, forests, mountains – and even drive over frozen lakes and rivers. Whatever your choice – snowmobiling is sure to be a highlight of your holiday. We work with the best suppliers who deliver snowmobiling activities across Lapland.

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