Where to book Animals & Wildlife activities in Lapland

Animals & Wildlife

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Hunting for Aurora Borealis

Kemi, Finland 2 hours approx

Join us for a search for the magical Northern Lights

The ultimate Whale Watching RIB tour – Arctic Explorers

11 hours approx
The marine biologists historically have never seen so many whales as in the last years around The Arctic county of Troms. The sea sometimes is...

Auttiköngäs Waterfalls hike trail

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours approx

Take a hike to Auttiköngäs waterfalls and enjoy a day in Finnish nature. This short and sweet hike is a perfect choice for families.

Dogsledding at night (drive your own)

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours and 30 minutes approx

Dog sledding

Husky Fatbike Tour

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours approx

A unique 2.5 hour Husky Dog Nature Tour through Swedish Lapland

Ranua Wildlife Park Guided Tour, with Lunch

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours approx

Guided tour of Ranua Zoo - the northernmost zoo in the world. We will take you to see 50 different animal species, including the only polar bears...

Arctic Ice Floating – Day floating

Rovaniemi, Finland 3 hours approx

Come and experience the lightness of your body while ice floating! Don’t fear the cold as you are protected by the rescue suit.

Discover the traditional paths of Lapland’s wilderness on a back of a national treasure – trail riding trip for 5 days

Kittilä, Finland 7 days and 32 hours approx

Welcome to enjoy unforgettable horse riding safari in wilderness of Fell Lapland – The Land of the Reindeer!

Dog Sledding on the Edge of Tromsø – Evening – Aurora Alps

5 hours approx
Experience an authentic Arctic adventure when you run your own dog team at the edge of Tromsø. You can now do this trip in the evenings while you...

An introduction to Animals & Wildlife activities in Lapland

You may not believe us, but Lapland has a wide variety of fascinating wildlife. These range from Brown bear (who sleep all winter) and those species that favour the cold such as Arctic foxes and lynxes; and of course herds of reindeer and families of moose. If you’re heading to the coast, then whales including the iconic Orca (killer whales), seals, sea birds and some of the best fish and seafood can be found. 

A guide to Animals & Wildlife Activities in Lapland

Dog Sledding activities in Lapland

For anyone booking a northern lights holiday, or Arctic vacation, dog sledding activities are high on the to do list! Whether learning to drive your own dog sled, or sitting back and letting your guide do the work as you watch the Arctic wilderness glide by – it is a must do activity for any winter arctic holiday. The best time to book is between December and March, however some of our providers vary.


Reindeer sledding activities in Lapland

Some say there are as many reindeer in Lapland as people. With their trademark antlers there is no more iconic symbol of Lapland than Reindeer. A traditional experience to add to your trip to Lapland is to book onto one of our Reindeer Sledding activities. Just as you might expect, the reindeer make a perfect engine to pull the sled through the arctic wilderness – and although there are some in Lapland who race reindeer sleds at high speed – the reindeer sledding activities we have for you are much more relaxing.


Whale Watching activities in Lapland

The seas around Northern Norway are some of the best in the world for whale watching. With expert whale watching tours leaving from Tromso and Lyngenfjord you can join experienced Arctic  Whale Watching activity guides to see some of the most fascinating animals on our planet.