Where to book a cultural & Sami cultural activity in Lapland

Culture & Sami

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ÁRBI VUOJAN – Sami Excursion with Reindeer Sledding

4 hours approx

The highlight of this tour is the one-hour ride with the reindeer sled through the snowy forest and on the frozen moors close to the mountain...

Mountaineering ABC

Rovaniemi, Finland 8 hours approx

Learning safely the basic techniques required to join a mountain climbing trip.

Crystal lavvo, snowmobile & Aurora – Green Gold of Norway

24 hours approx
from Dec 16th to Apr 10th we combine some action and some relaxation in our Crystal Lavvo, snowmobile and Aurora program.

Midnight Sun Adventure by RiB – Tromsø Friluftsenter

2 hours approx
In a Rib boat we will drive to where we can see the idyllic little island Gåsvær that holds a little church out in the open sea. From here the view...

Reindeer Feeding, Sami Culture and Short Reindeer Sledding- Tromsø Arctic Reindeer

3-4 hours approx
Join Sami guides for a reindeer experience. After a 25-minute drive from the city, you will visit their camp and have a chance to feed the herd of...

Scenic Whale Watching from our luxury Yacht Arctic Queen – Arctic Cruise in Norway

3 hours approx
Join us for an unforgettable whale watching aboard our brand new (2016) luxury yacht. This is the trip for those who want to travel first class. Hot...

Midnight Sun/Sunset Sailing – Pukka Travels

3 hours approx
Epic fjords, midnight sun and an unforgettable cruise aboard our comfortable catamaran. The golden moments created will instill lifelong memories...

Gold Panning family day in Lapland

8 hours approx

In Tankavaara Gold Village, you can try gold panning with the help of our professional guides.

Northern Light Dinner Cruise – Sørøya Havfiskecruise

3 hours approx
As owners of Sørøya Havfiskecruise we can proudly introduce ourselves as pioneers for winter tourism by boat in Tromso. WE FOCUS ON QUALITY OVER...

An introduction to Sami activities in Lapland

The indigenous people of Lapland, the Sami, still maintain many of the traditions and values, myths and lifestyles that have been upheld for thousands of years. For many, an insight into this fascinating indigenous culture is a big highlight of their visit.

Our Sami adventures are in collaboration with the local Sami people in each destination, and are designed in a way that give you an insight to their fascinating culture all while showing a high level of respect. Whether you are looking for a short trip with a reindeer herder or an overnight expedition into the wilderness with your Sami guide, Visit Lapland has you covered. 

A guide to Arctic Sami activities

The Sámi are the only indigenous people of the European Union, residing in the Northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden as well as in parts of North-Eastern Russia.

Sámi people believe in a connection with the land and the seasons; the nature and the animals; the midnight sun and the Northern Lights; the heat from the fire on a sparkling winter’s day and the coolness of a mountain stream after a long day’s hike.

The culture is defined by their relationship with reindeer which traditionally provides food and clothing to survive the cold winters and mild summer of the region.

Today you can still experience Sámi culture through Duodji (handicraft), fishing, food and produce and by experiencing Sámi activities in Lapland.