Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing in the Arctic

For centuries, residents of the Arctic Circle have used ice fishing as a means of feeding themselves, but also as a culturally important pastime. In North America, it’s considered a social event and friends will often gather together for a trip on the ice, but in certain places like Finland, the aim is to find a moment of solitude and quiet contemplation.

If you’re keen to try ice fishing – Tromsø, Abisko, Kiruna, and Bjorkliden are truly unforgettable locations. Check location availability below.

Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing

2 hours approx

from SEK 795.00

Take the chance to hook up the legendary Arctic Char!

Ice Fishing (3643-620)

1 hours approx

from SEK 495.00

Close to the hotel in Björkliden lies the lake that today’s fishing trip goes to. You travel
to the lake with snowmobile and sled.

Autumn – Ice Fishing

3 hours approx

from SEK 795.00

Fishing trip on the ice around Abisko

Snowmobile tour with ice fishing (JAN-APRIL)

5 hours approx

from SEK 2350.00

Enjoy a day at the Arctic Char lake. By snowmobile we travel through a snowcovered landscape. Traditional icefishing and lunch by the fire.

Arctic ice fishing

4 hours approx

from SEK 895.00

Imagine laying on a frozen lake watch your lure getting attacked..