Ice Hotel activities in Lapland

The concept of the Ice and Snow hotel originated in Jukkasjärvi when some adventurous visitors asked to sleep in an art gallery entirely made from snow and ice.

Since then, hotels built entirely out of ice and snow are built in Norway, Sweden and Finland from scratch each year, with visitors able to visit for a day, dine, and even stay overnight in the rooms which maintain a constant -5 degrees.

It is not only the scale of each venue, but the level of detail that goes into each that makes this an experience not to miss.

Ice Hotel tours

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Explore the ICEHOTEL

7 hours approx

Take a trip into a world of ice, snow and art with a visit to the world-famous ICEHOTEL, with its amazing Art Suites, Ice Church and famous...

A guide to visiting the ICEHOTEL

The ICEHOTEL in Kiruna is one of the most unique and memorable activities available to experience within the Lapland region and something absolutely not to be missed out on. The hotel is built entirely of ice and snow to create a truly one of a kind aura. ICEHOTEL Kiruna is made up of expertly crafted hand carved rooms at temperatures between -5 and -8 degrees made entirely of snow and ice that are a genuine pleasure to see in person and be able to appreciate. The level of mind blowing detail that goes into every single aspect is truly awe inspiring.

ICEHOTEL Kiruna is the definition of unique accommodation as even the place itself is different from one year to the next. This is because it is rebuilt and reborn in a new guise at the start of every winter. Due to this, our ICEHOTEL Kiruna activities are only available from December. However, the incredible newly opened ICEHOTEL365 is open to tourists all year round thanks to innovative technology and building methods.

If you’re visiting outside of the months where the ICEHOTEL is built then check out our boat tour along the beautiful Torne river where you’ll find out why the river is such a popular fishing destination before being given a guided tour of ICEHOTEL365.  Located in the small Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, our ICEHOTEL activities offer experiences that will last with you for a lifetime.