Northern Lights

Northern Lights Activities in Lapland

Many dream of experiencing the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) – and there is no better place than Lapland to do just that. Many incredible things have been written about the Northern Lights over the years – and for good reason. Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Lapland truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is at the top of nearly every bucket list.

We offer a full range of Northern Lights adventures in Lapland including aurora chasing in modern 4×4 trucks, aurora photography trips that allow you to capture the magic moment on film, dog sledding under the northern lights and a fantastic evening of watching the northern lights dance overhead while enjoying a steamy seat in a hot tub.

Choose from one of the many destinations below to find a Northern Lights activity in Lapland for you:

Northern Lights

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Northern Light Dinner Cruise – Sørøya Havfiskecruise

3 hours approx

from NOK 1450

As owners of Sørøya Havfiskecruise we can proudly introduce ourselves as pioneers for winter tourism by boat in Tromso. WE FOCUS ON QUALITY OVER...

Discover the Northern Lights – Photography tour (Autumn)

4 hours approx

from EUR 125.00

Experience the magic of Lapland as we embark on an unforgettable hunt for the amazing Northern Lights. Our focus is on the Rovaniemi area and we...

“a journey in search of the Northern Lights” – Northern Soul Adventures

6-9 hours approx

from NOK 1550

In an intimate group with a max of 7 guests, we will create memorable experiences on a journey in search of the Northern Lights. As no two nights are...

Northern lights tour on horseback

5 hours approx

from SEK 1850.00

Welcome to our northern lights tour on horseback where we hope we can see the beautiful northern lights and a clear sky with all the stars.

Husky Hike with Aurora Camp – Tromsø Villmarkssenter

15 hours approx

from NOK 1990

Don't miss out on the first northern lights of the season! This program combines a walk with some of our 300 huskies with an overnight stay in our...

Snowmobile Northern Light Tour (3635-620)

2 hours approx

from SEK 995.00

Drive a snowmobile far out in the untouched wilderness. In the headlight of the snowmobile we go to places otherwise difficult to reach surrounded...

Star Walk – a night snowshoeing tour – Wandering Owl

5-6 hours approx

from NOK 1250

Leave the beaten tracks, immerse yourself in the polar night and walk your way under the stars.

Chasing “The Green Lady” – AuroraPhotoGuide

6-7 hours

from NOK 1200

AuroraPhotoGuide Geir takes you Aurora hunting every night! The areas we hunt the lights cover islands and fjords around Tromsø and mountains...

Night photography workshop – Wandering Owl

from NOK 750

A 2-hour indoor workshop led by a professional photographer, with interactive presentations, discussions and a practical part, to learn all you need...



About Arctic Northern Lights Activities

The Northern Lights have always been a mystery to people living in Arctic regions, with many adopting myths and legends around the Aurora to explain the spectacular lights dancing in the sky. Now with advances in research and science, much more is understood about the cause, however most still find the experience life-changing and in some cases spiritual.

Although seeing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed, planned Northern Lights activities allow guests to not only reach the best viewing spots to give the highest chance of experiencing the Aurora, but also give guests the chance to learn from knowledgeable guides.

To make the most out of a Northern Lights activity in Lapland you need clear dark skies, therefore the winter months is a prime time to visit. Although many Northern Light activity providers will have additional equipment and clothing, it is important to ensure you are prepared for the cold winter nights – and don’t forget to pack your camera!

We have handpicked some of the very best locations for viewing this breathtaking natural phenomenon:

Kiruna Northern Lights – A wonderful location to visit, with activities available all year round.

Tromsø Northern Lights – Tromsø is a stunning city location, well known as a cultural hub above the Arctic Circle.