Where to book photography activities in Lapland


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Northern Lights Hunting by Car, From Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, Finland 3 hours minutes approx

Snowshoe fun

Rovaniemi, Finland 2 hours minutes approx

Moose Safari 2018

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours minutes approx

The biggest wild animals in Europe! Moose safari is a fascinating nature trip for searching moose, the largest land mammals in Europe. Our best...

Aurora Pass : Unlimited Northern Lights Chase Tours

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 days and 1 hour minutes approx

Auroras – Northern Lights Trip by Car and on Foot (photographing tour)

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours minutes approx

Lapland Welcome legendary evening trip for searching Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights at the best possible spot. 21.8.-21.4.

Northern Lights BBQ and photo evening at Máttaráhkká Lodge

Kiruna, Sweden 3 hours approx

Are you dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights and to bring your memories home to show your family and friends?

Auroras by ATV

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours minutes approx

Come and experience the nature by driving an ATV.

Luosto Winter Train & Amethyst Mine Adventure

Rovaniemi, Finland 5 hours and 30 minutes minutes approx

Visit the magnificent Lampivaara Amethyst Mine located in the middle of a gorgeous Pyhä-Luosto national park. Ride in the snow train and dig your...

Northern Lights Hunting Adventure Away from the City

Rovaniemi, Finland 4 hours minutes approx

An introduction to Arctic photography activities

The Arctic is a dream destination for anyone who likes spending time behind a camera. We offer exciting photography trips that cater to a novice that wants to photograph the Northern Lights all the way up to a professional that wants that perfect landscape shot of sunset over a calm Arctic lake.

Many of our exciting photography adventures include professional camera gear and leadership by a professional photographer. Most of our photography adventures are three to four hours in duration – the perfect amount of time to capture that amazing image that you have been dreaming of.

A guide to Arctic photography activities

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or just starting out, the Lapland region offers some of the world’s best subject matter for anyone looking to both develop their skills and do it in one of the most spectacular settings. Photography activities in Lapland do not only give you Europe’s last true wilderness with stunning views and wildlife, but also draws people from around the world to capture the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun.

In winter, the soft glow of the winter sun, gives a spectacular glow to the snow-covered landscape. Come night and Northern Lights Photography activities are a must if you are remotely interested in photography! Spring brings longer days. As the temperatures rise and snow thins life is brought back to the region and the carpet of white snow is transformed into a wilderness of green. As summer arrives so does the Midnight Sun. The Arctic in full bloom gives photographers the chance to hike into the wilderness to capture vast and sweeping wilderness, mountain, lake and coastal vistas.

Many of the professional photographers in the region have a fondness for the Autumn as the green turns to golden yellows and coppers. Along with the shortening days and lengthening nights brings back the Northern Lights – one of the big photography draws for the region.