Where to book Santa & Christmas activities in Lapland

Santa & Christmas


There's still time to meet Santa in Lapland this December

Visit Lapland has created a new opportunity for those looking to book a Santa activity in Rovaniemi Lapland. Now you can check live availability and book on small group tours to visit Santa, his elves – and even join a Reindeer sledding and dog sledding activity at the same time!

Make your Christmas dreams come true this winter by visiting Santa in Lapland this winter!

An introduction to Santa & Christmas activities in Lapland

Many know that Santa is from Lapland – but did you know that you can book an activity to go and meet not only the main man in red, but got to elf school, post a letter from Santa’s post office and even join in a ceremony to cross the arctic Circle? Well through Visit Lapland – that is all possible.  

If you want to visit “the real” Santa Claus, there’s just one destination for you—Rovaniemi, a town near the Arctic Circle, in the Finnish province of Lapland.

It was thought to be Finnish radio broadcaster Markus Rautio, who reportedly declared on-air in 1927 that Santa’s workshop had been discovered in Lapland’s Korvatunturi, or “Ear Fell,” – after which there was a general agreement – in Finland anyway – that Santa Claus lived in Finland. After all, there is nothing for reindeer to graze on in the North Pole!

Establishing the provincial capital of Rovaniemi as Santa’s “official home town” came a little later. In December 1984, Asko Oinas governor of Lapland, declared the province of Rovaniemi “Santa Claus Land” and the Santa Claus Village was opened just miles outside of Rovaniemi in 1985, complete with a post office that would stamp mail with a special “Arctic Circle” postmark. Santa’s Village now gets 500,000 visitors a year.