Where to book a Snowmobiling activity in Lapland


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Introduction to Snowmobiling

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 1 hour minutes approx

Would you like to try snowmobiling for the first time, but you are not sure if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you!

Snowmobile safari in the amazing LyngenAlps – XLyngen

2,5-3 hours approx
Experience the Lyngen Alps from a snowmobile in the amazing LyngenAlps.

Forest and Ice Nature tour – 2 hours by snowmobile

Luleå, Sweden 2 hours minutes approx

Forest Experience

Kemi/Tornio (Kemi/Torneå), Finland 3 hours and 30 minutes minutes approx

We will start the snowmobile safari from the frozen sea and carry on to the snowy forest.

Snowmobile Sled Tour (afternoon)

Abisko, Sweden 2 hours approx

Explore the wilderness and the wildlife around Abisko!


Rovaniemi, Finland 6 hours minutes approx

If snowmobiling is the highlight of your journey in Lapland, this safari is made for you!

Pack Ice Nature Tour – 4 hours by snowmobile with lunch

Luleå, Sweden 4 hours minutes approx

Snowmobile Trip (afternoon)

Abisko, Sweden 2 hours approx

Feel the excitement of driving through the wilderness on a snowmobile!

Deep Snow Powder Driving

Rovaniemi, Finland 6 hours minutes approx

Like it out of trails? Our new deep snow driving safari brings you far to the wilderness where drive partly on untouched powder snow and explore...

An introduction to Snowmobiling in Lapland

A good way to see the wilderness and get your heart pumping is on a snowmobile safari. This is your chance to explore Lapland and the Arctic wilderness like a local.

Simply put – there is no more efficient (and exciting!) way to see the backcountry of Lapland than on your very own snowmobile. We offer a full range of snowmobiling adventures in Lapland ranging from a two-hour trip that is designed to give you a quick introduction, to much longer adventures that takes you off of the beaten track and well into the wilderness of Lapland.

You can use the exciting machines to reach a secret ice fishing spot, to chase the Northern lights or to simply find a small corner of the woods and enjoy the solitude that can only be found in Lapland.

Choose from one of the many destinations below to find a snowmobiling activity in Lapland for you:

A guide to Arctic snowmobile activities

A snowmobile gives visitors the chance to access areas of the local wilderness that would otherwise be un-accessible.

To own or rent a snowmobile independently, you need a snowmobile licence, however visitors who have never been on a snowmobile before can join an organised snowmobile activity to enjoy the wilderness with an experienced guide.

Designed for winter travel and recreation a snowmobile does not need a road or trail but many of the organised activities are driven on open terrain or prepared trails. It takes just a few minutes to get used to the controls and then you, and your guide, will be of into the wilderness.