Where to book whale watching activities in Lapland

Whale Watching

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Exclusive three day Northern Lights expedition on spectacular Senja including whale watching from Tromsø – Basecamp Senja

15pm (16 approx
Welcome to an exiting three day Northern Lights expedition on Senja, including a whale watching safari with Nordens Paris Charter from Tromsø on day...

Scenic Whale Watching from our luxury Yacht Arctic Queen – Arctic Cruise in Norway

3 hours approx
Join us for an unforgettable whale watching aboard our brand new (2016) luxury yacht. This is the trip for those who want to travel first class. Hot...

Silent Whale Watching – Brim Explorer

6-8 hours approx

Get a unique perspective on the majestic humpback and killer whales with an underwater drone and microphone. As they feed in the herring-rich...

Whale watching from Lyngen – XLyngen

6 hours, from 08.00 am to 14.00 pm. approx
Join us for a day at sea watching humpback and killer whales. The trip takes around six hours and starts from Nord-Lenangen in the northern partof...

Whale watching in magical Skjervøy – Green Gold of Norway

11 hours approx
From November to January around 400 Orcas and 100 Humpback whales gather around Skjervoy to feed on Herring fish. We will position our Rib-boats with...

Whale watching from Skjervøy – Green Gold of Norway

4 hours approx
This option is only for guests staying or meeting up in Skjervøy. Available from November 1st to January 30th.

A guide to whale watching activities in the Arctic

Have you ever dreamt of sailing the Arctic Ocean alongside one of the largest mammals on the planet? Whether your dream to see Orca or other whale species, our range of whale watching activities take you to some of the most remote and scenic stretches of water in the Arctic and give you an excellent opportunity to come face to face with one of these majestic creatures.

We offer whale watching adventures in Lapland that range from a five-hour tour that are designed for those who want to meet the giants of the sea together with other local sea-life and coastal birds.