Did you know that Visit Lapland was built by a team of professionals that have been an active part of the development of tourism in Lapland for more than a decade?

Our Team

Our team of passionate pros are heavily involved in tourism in Sweden, Norway and Finland with a combined experience of more than 30 years! Our areas of expertise cover activity development, transportation within the Arctic, incoming tour operators, personally guiding clients throughout the region, a northern lights expert and a whole host of other specialised interests that focus on Lapland.

We believe that this experience gives Visit Lapland a unique opportunity to help people just like you create the adventure of a lifetime in one easy to use booking platform. Please read more about each of our founding partners below:

Mark Hayward

Mark Hayward

I’m no happier than when I’m out in winter night, looking up at the Arctic skies hunting for the Northern Lights. Simply one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had the privilege to take part in! My speciality is in PR and marketing having built and sole one PR agency in the UK, and still heavily involved in working with the media today. For the last 7 years, I’ve work with the media to promote Lapland as a travel destination, generating thousands of articles around the world doing just that.

What led me to my career of PR in travel was a desire to see and experience the world. From a young age family holidays quickly fed a desire to travel which saw me embark on my first major expedition to the Indian Himalaya in 1997. Spending two months working on building projects in remote communities and trekking through some of the remote trails through the stunning mountains, I was inspired to see and experience more of the world. Next stop Africa, and a number of months in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa – firstly working on an AIDS awareness campaign, and then travelling to experience the incredible local wildlife.

I was fortunate to meet and marry my wife, who also shared a passion for travel, deciding on the less traditional honeymoon spending two and a half years travelling through Asia, Australasia, South, Central and North America – a true trip of a lifetime. By now, although there is so much more to see and do, I was confident that I’d experienced a lot the world has to throw at you in terms of travel. However, it wasn’t until I travelled to Swedish Lapland in 2001, standing outside a hotel in Bjorkliden, that I looked into the skies and first experienced the Northern Lights. It was an experience that made me feel like a child again – giddy with excitement.

Since then, and for the last 7 years, I’ve worked with newspapers, radio, TV, websites (and just about every other media type) helping to get others inspired about the possibilities of travel to Lapland. I believe Lapland to be one of the most exciting, picturesque, interesting, unique travel destinations in the world – and through our work with Visit Lapland, I hope we can share my experience with more budding adventurers from around the world.

Chad Blakley

Chad Blakley

My interest in photography began at a young age. When I was a teenager, I worked for the local newspaper in a small town outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. During my college years I started a small but successful business photographing weddings and students preparing for graduation. Though I truly enjoyed the technical aspects of photography, I soon grew tired of the repetitive scenes. I put down my camera and thought that my days behind a lens were finished. Nearly ten years after losing interest in photography, something incredible happened – I saw my first aurora. Since that cold, dark night in the far north of Sweden I was hooked.

Since then I have spent thousands of hours outside photographing the star and aurora filled skies. My passion for the night sky was further peaked when I began working at the Aurora Sky Station where my actual job was to hunt for auroras. Today, this blend of interests for photography and the night sky has allowed me to be part of an amazing family of companies including the number one rated activity provider in Swedish Lapland on Trip Advisor – Lights over Lapland.

In addition to Lights Over Lapland I am proud to be one of the founders of Visit Abisko, Visit Kiruna and now, Visit Lapland! In addition to managing our family of companies I am incredibly proud to be on the board of directors for the Kiruna Lapland tourism board, one of the leading tourist bureau’s in the Arctic! I am humbled by the opportunity to live and work in such an amazing place and I am very thankful for this new opportunity to share the Arctic with the rest of the world via Visit Lapland. Please look at our website and know that you are booking your next adventure with a team of professionals that are fully dedicated to making your dreams of visiting Lapland a reality!

Jonny Cooper

Jonny Cooper

Jonny founded his first travel company (Off the Map Travel ) back in 2010, following a personal trip to the Arctic, little did he know what that trip would lead to! Having always had a keen interest in business he created and successfully run a number of small enterprises since he was at primary school. During his teenage years and into university this passion for business continued but it was not until he found the Northern Lights did manage to combine this passion with his other love of travel.

Now the owner of 4 companies in the travel sector Jonny has sort to bring to the market ideas and concepts that are new and exciting to a ever changing market place. Visit Lapland being the latest venture takes all of this passion and expertise and delivers it within a concept that opens the way for visitors to come and experience this magic area of the world.

Craig Greenup

radical web design

Following a position as an IT business analyst with the Adidas Group, Craig founded Radical Web Design in 2010, a company that has since grown into one of Manchester’s, and the UK’s, leading web design and development agencies. Today Radical specialises in delivering integrated digital projects from design, through development to hosting and maintenance.

Having managed a wide range of complex digital marketing and web projects, Craig has developed industry leading solutions for over 100 ecommerce and retail websites spanning 10 countries around the world, each delivered with a bespoke solution designed and built to client needs.