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Chasing “The Green Lady” – AuroraPhotoGuide

  • 6-7 hours

  • from NOK 1200.00

  • 912376


AuroraPhotoGuide Geir takes you Aurora hunting every night! The areas we hunt the lights cover islands and fjords around Tromsø and mountains towards the Finnish border.

From September to end of March, AuroraPhotoGuide takes you Aurora hunting to the area outside Tromsø, with the best possible chances for clear skies on your selected evening. We hunt along islands, fjords and mountains up to 2.5 hrs. away from Tromsø. The driver, guide and photographer has long experience in photography and chasing the Aurora. We will help you with camera settings, and we will take pictures of you under the Northern Light.
Our guides / photographers have high success rate in finding the Aurora documented trough their amazing pictures:

Aurora Pictures


At the meeting point (our office) Thermal suits and Winter boots will be provided and our professional photographers / guides will give you a practical introduction to the the Northern Lights and Northern Lights photography.

Included: Introduction to Aurora and Aurora photo, guide, transport, hot chocolate, warm thermal suit, warm boots, tripods, pictures from the tour, aurora portrait
Campfire (weather permitting)
Duration: 6-7 hours

Level of difficulty: Easy/medium

Number of participants: 1-15

Meeting time and place: 6:20pm (18:20) at our Office, AuroraPhotoGuide Kaigata 3

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