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Northern Lights Minibus Chase – Pukka Travels

  • 7 hours

  • from NOK 1490.00

  • 1614131


Choose the optimal way to maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights during our comfortable Minibus Chase. We know how to make the most of watching the Northern Lights, and this tour is designed to give you everything you need for the Northern Lights evening of your dreams. With knowledgeable guides, certified drivers and professional photos included, you can simply relax and enjoy!

Tromsø is one of the top places in the world to witness the Northern Lights. We make this experience optimal for you during our comfortable Northern Lights minibus chase, departing from our base camp in central Tromsø. You will be with one of our dedicated guides, who has the passion to help show you the Northern Lights dance in the sky above, we are here to ensure that this a memorable night to remember for a lifetime.

In small groups with a maximum of 15 people we will set out into the polar night to one of our favorite spots to watch the Northern Lights (away from light pollution and with clearest skies possible). If it is cloudy above Tromsø, don’t worry, it is possible to find a clear skies at a location further away. Our team will carefully analyze the weather conditions before the tour, while keeping in touch with other guides to monitor cloud movements in the local and surrounding areas.

Once we find the best spot, it will be time to wait for the lights to shine while setting up our cameras and taking photos. Your guide will take professional photographs, which will be shared within 3 days of your tour. Your guide will also help you set up your own camera – if you need a tripod, we can let you borrow one of ours for free. Our aim is to create a stress free, enjoyable and safe way to be able to see the Northern Lights during your stay in the Arctic.

Your guide will stay with you for the entire evening while making sure you are as comfortable and warm as possible. We provide thermal suits and warm, dry boots for the entire duration of the tour. Later in the evening we will make a bonfire, have a warm meal, make s’mores, hot drinks and eat some cookies. If you are a vegetarian or have any other dietary preferences, please let us know and we will make sure there is something for you as well!

Before & after the tour: Before the tour takes off we will meet up at our Base camp in central Tromsø for a briefing and introduction to the area we will explore and the Northern Lights forecast for the evening. The minibus picks you up outside the building so there is no need to walk far or get cold on the way. After the tour you have a short walk back to your hotel (our recommended hotels are only located a few hundred meters from our base camp in central Tromsø).

What to expect on this Northern Lights Minibus Chase:

The highest chances to see the Northern Lights: We have made it our mission to do everything we can for you to experience the Northern Lights during our tours. With the Northern Lights Minibus Chase, we provide the optimal way to see the Northern Lights in a comfortable, genuine setting.

Learn about the Northern Lights: Our Northern Lights Guides are experienced and educated in the history and science of the amazing natural phenomenon. During the tour you will get a guided introduction with all the information you need about the Northern Lights.

Take pictures and/or let us do the work: During the evening we will take pictures of the sky, the experience as a whole and if you wish we provide the possibility to join into the photos. 3 days after the tour your photos from the night will be sent to you, edited and ready to be used in the way you prefer.

Warm safety gear and access to our Basecamp lounge: We love to explore the Arctic and know that it’s best to do so staying warm. The arctic nights can be cold in the winter – but no need to worry, we provide warm safety suits, gloves and boots. Before the tour you can enjoy our Lounge at our base camp in central Tromsø, to charge your camera and have a cup of coffee/tea.

What’s included in this tour:

– Meeting point in central Tromsø
– Access to our Basecamp Lounge before your tour
– An introduction to the evening schedule
– A short lesson in Northern Lights forecasting & photography
– Certified driver and guide
– Complimentary tripod rental for your own amazing images
– Professional pictures taken during the evening and sent to you 72 hours after the tour
– Warm meal provided by one of our favourite local restaurants
– Soft drinks and premium coffee/tea
– Snacks, nuts & marshmallows
– Heated minibus with comfortable pillows or blankets to stay comfortable
– Warm suits to be comfortable in the Arctic night
– Extra blankets, gloves and hats for being outside

Extra information about this tour:

The Schedule
17:50 – Meet at the Pukka Base Camp where you can enjoy our warm Lounge (In the City Center)
18:00 Our guide will greet you, provide a briefing for the Northern Lights chase, including forecasting and the area we will explore.
18:20 Get geared up for a night in the Arctic Nature (we provide Thermal suits and winter boots)
18:30 – Departure to the place with clearest skies to give you best chances of seeing the Northern Lights (depending on the weather conditions we go remote landscapes near or far)
20:00 – Time to zip up your warm thermal suit and get ready with your camera
20:15 – Time for pictures and opportunity to enjoy arctic landscape
21:00 – We will make a bonfire and warm meal, hot drinks and snacks
21:45 – Storytelling and socialising by the fire , monitoring weather conditions and Northern Lights activity
23:15 – Sweet goodbyes to the Arctic nature and gear up to leave the spot
23:30 – Departure towards Tromsø – depending on how far we went it will take 1-2 hours
01:00 – Arrival back in central Tromsø at our base camp

If we don’t see the Northern Lights?

Of course we can not guarantee sightings, but we have a very good track record where we see lights on the majority of our tours (if the weather permits), and we are VERY dedicated to make this happen for all our guests during their stay in Tromsø. We do recommend to stay a few days to optimise your chances of the full Northern Lights experience. Ask our support team about deals when you book more than one Northern Lights tour, or read more about the Northern lights here:

We know how important the photos are

We will send you a batch of professional photos after the tour that you can add to your travel collection or share with your friends online. Need a tripod? No problem, we got one for you at no extra cost. Our guides are also trained to be familiar with different types of cameras.

Need anything else?

We can customize our tours to suit you and your party. For example, if you want the minibus to your group exclusively, with your own driver, we can make that happen. Contact us today and we will get back to you within the day, our team is available 7 days a week.

What about food?

What about food.. ? Great question! On our tours we take your comfort very seriously and we know how nice it is with a small bite and warm drinks during a Northern Lights evening. So we have teamed up with one of our favourite restaurants in Tromsø to make the gastronomic experience by the bonfire an enjoyable part of the night, vegetarian options available!

Included: Guide, hot meal, snacks, warm blankets and hides to have outside, tripod, photos from the tour, hot drinks and thermal suit.
Please bring: Warm clothing according to weather conditions
Departure time and place: 6pm (18:00) from Pukka Travels base camp at Kirkegata 1
Duration: 6-7 hours
Number of participants: 5-15
Level of difficulty: Easy

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